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educational videos????

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Ds loves to watch the Baby Mozart video and others in that series. He usually watches one a day. I was at a friend's house and she said she only lets her son watch the video once or twice a month. I thought that I was doing something educational for ds. Am I just being bamboozled by the ads? Should I not let ds watch these videos?
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I imagine it is not like you trap him in baby prison and make him watch the videos...my ds loves to watch the baby einstien stuff and sesame street. I put the video on, he watches for a few minutes, tools around the living room a bit, goes back to the video, plays a bit.....he definately enjoys them but his attention span is that of an 11 mo old.

I think the videos are educational and they are not overwhelming....so if your little one enjoys them daily, what is the problem?

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according to the AAP, babies under 2 arent supposed to watch any tv. but i'm not one to talk.....my 20mo loves her bunny video...
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I think educational videos can be wonderful entertainment if they're used properly . The colors, shapes, sounds, etc. are great for their growing brains. You can try holding your baby while he watches them, and interacting with him too... like pointing to things on the screen and naming them, singing the songs you know, counting, etc. I really like the original Baby Einstein with the alphabet, counting, songs and stories in different languages for that. Don't know about ds, but that one is *my* favorite!
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I too let my baby watch Baby Einstein. She enjoys it, and it isn't like she is glued to the tube. She plays with her toys while it's on. I also point to things and name them, ect. I really don't think it's going to hurt unless you replace one-on-one contact w/ the TV.
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I'm glad to hear this! I usually let DS watch one a day, too, while I am trying to make dinner. He plays while watching it, but does watch them. This week I did a search on past posts and saw where they were flamed a bit. I felt guilty and thought I might be doing something bad. But, when it's pouring down rain here and we can't go outside, we both really like the Baby Neptune video. It rains a lot here .. so I figure ... it's going to be watched..
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