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Best Nighttime Cover

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I'm working on moving from sposies at night to cloth. DS is a very heavy wetter at night (as he loves to nurse all night long). He's 13 months, and weighs 26 pounds. I'm looking for a good nighttime cover. I'll be making my own fitted pockets to go underneath.

Any suggestions? I like the Aristrocrat soaker, but it is pricey. Has anyone had any luck with the Stacinator wool day/night cover? I'm not married to the idea of wool, but it does seem like the best option.

I'm open to any and all ideas!!
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I'm actually having a lot of luck with fleece for overnight. My little guy nurses all night long and I had to take him out of wool as he developed an allergy to it. I just put some simple fleece jammies on over a good fitted and no leaks so far!
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Aristocrats is expensive but SO worth it. We never have a leak with ours. (We use a prefold and doubler underneath)
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I'm lovin' good felted wool
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felted wool is really good, along with BG stuffed well is another good option
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I love polar babies happy pants for nighttime.
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We use the Stacinator fleece cover at night and have not had a single leak since then. Before that, we were having leaks every night with my DS, 21 months.
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I didn't buy Aristocrats until recently - I love them!!! I own 2 and use them just for night. One longie and one shortie - they are bulletproof!!!
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