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He's here!

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After 13.5 hours of labor I finally have my little surprise at 6:40pm today. It's a boy! His first name is Hamilton but we're undecided still about his middle name. He's 8lbs, 13oz, 22.5 inches long. He was born at home while I was literally hanging from DP's neck. For now we're both exhausted and my throat is sore from bellowing so we'll post the birth story and pics when we've rested up.

Here are a couple of pics. Still working on the birth story.
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Congrats mama!! I hope your throat feels better and I am looking forward to your story and pics.
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Yay, congratulations! What a big, healthy boy!

Welcome to the world, Hamilton!
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Congrats! Welcome little Hamilton!
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Welcome, he's adorable!
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Congratulations and welcome to the world Hamilton!! What a beautiful baby boy. I love the sibling pic. Very sweet
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Welcome Hamilton! Congrats mama!!
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Congratulations!! I look forward to hearing your story. I love his name btw.
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COngratulations Katie! Happy babymooning
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