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Leaking Amniotic Fluid?

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Ok ladies. Early this am I woke up and felt a small gush of fluid. I'm 95% sure it wasn't pee. I called the mw/dr and the dr on duty told me to keep monitering and call back if I felt a big gush or if I kept leaking.

The only reason I didn't just roll over and go back to sleep this am, rather than call, is that yesterday evening when I went to the bathroom there was a pretty large wet spot on my panties that I thought was a bit odd.

I'm GBS+ so I don't need to be going a long time with ruptured membranes.

This am when I got up there was a smallish amount of fluid running down my legs. It's been around an hour and no more fluid, but I am having very mild sporadic period like cramps.

I haven't called yet for a few reasons. 1. the dr. I talked to early this am is is the one I don't like. She made me feel a bit stupid for calling. If it were any of the other drs or the mw I would totally call. 2. I don't want to wind up at the hospital, hook to a pit drip unnecessarily. 3. As much as I've wanted to have this baby, I'll also admit to some last min. jitters now that the moment may really be here.

So what do you think? What would you do?
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I'd pick up some of that hibiclens wash and stay home. Every midwife I've talked to said it was just as effective as abx. Contractions will probably start fairly soon. I read on MDC that if you take some of the fluid and wipe it on a something made of glass that amniotic fluid will fern. Urine won't.
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