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How to hide pg at work

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I don't want to tell people at work yet as it's so early, only 7 weeks. But I'm feeling pretty rough, no actual throwing up yet (fingers crossed it won't happen!) but feeling sick most of the time, and needing to nibble crisps/melba toast/carrots more or less constantly. This only kicked in mid-last week and I was off sick on Thursday so I've only spent one day, Friday, feeling awful at work. I'm dreading going in tomorrow! I will have to tell my boss anyway I think, so she realises why I'm not exactly operating at full throttle, but we're in open plan and once one person guesses (aside from her) it won't be long before the other 30 know! How do you hide it at work?
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I've been wondering the same thing. A lot of what I've read says that it's best to confide in one good ally who will cover for you and keep your secret. I didn't mean to tell so soon myself, but I got busted by a coworker on thursday and I 'fessed up. She's promised to not say anything and to help me out wherever possible.

I think I'm holding off on telling others until I figure out what timeframe I'm considering for quitting. I'd really love to just leave my job now so that I can get healthier, rest more, work on my dissertation, field a book submission to an agent, and pack up my house to get ready to move before I'm further along, but that's not an option yet. But when I do tell, it's probably going to tie in with giving (extended) notice that I'll be quitting.
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I think how well you hide it depends on how you are feeling. If you're feeling awful and very sick, it's going to be pretty much impossible to hide it. But if you have a fairly smooth first trimester, it's a lot easier. I didn't tell at work with my first or second (I was a high school teacher) until I was 4 months along or more. But I also never had morning sickness, so that makes it a lot lot lot easier!

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