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My kid is great because ...... (a mommy brag!)

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I went to a single mother's dinner a while back and was appalled that so much of the time was taken up by mom's complaining about their kids. I know they get frustrating and we don't have anyone to vent to, but I believe we need to spend as much time.... no MORE time bragging on the things that make us love to be a mommy! I'll start...

I think my son is great because of his unquenchable thirst for learning. Everything he does he does with gusto. He loves books, blocks, and being tickled!
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Seriously, they were complaining about the kids, not the exes? Weird. My (brilliant, of course) daughter is so nice and good that she's already worried that she's a terrible person because she is aware of & shocked by her (ordinary human) capacity for being mean and bad. While this guarantees a long stretch of unhappiness for her, I think it bodes well for her growing up to be a thoughtful, kind, humane, ethical woman who will eventually be happy with herself.

She's also beautiful, sociable, loving, frequently able to stand up for herself, serious, and silly. And despite my sternness about Fits About Clothing and peer pressure to wear fancy stuff & simper around, she's actually got some pretty nifty fashion sense.
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My kids are awesome. My ds has a beautiful voice which he uses to sing in a BoyChoir. He can play bongo and djembe, and he knows how to dance to stuff I will never be able to do, and while it's somewhat annoying, he raps like no other.

My dd1 has a lilting voice, can reach the highest notes without bursting glass. She is incredibly sweet and welcoming to everyone and can really dance.

My dd2, what can I say, she is the genious of the family. She is supposed to be in 2nd grade this year, but she is in grade 3, and moving on to grade 4 in another month. She just keeps on driving hard through the work. It's what she loves.

All my kids drive me crazy though, at times. Sometimes they will ask for the computer, no kidding, over 50 times a day, and my girls are really bad about leaving their clothese on the floor. My son has a temper, that I am always calling him on. But these are great people, who will make the future incredible. Thanks for starting the thread.

And I know what you mean. ...complaining about the kids when the ex husbands could be used for target practice...I just don't understand it! LOL :
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I love LOVE threads.

My kid is great because...... she has no fear. She loves to try new things and enjoys meeting new people. The confidence she holds has been a true inspiration for me (I'm not so good at stepping into new situations). I love how when were at new activity and she walks up to children and says "HI I'm Mattie, what's your name"!

When I went back to college, and was afraid of being in a new situation, I thought a lot about Mattie. Thinking of how she would just run into the situation full of hope and excitement. Mattie has inspired me to step out of my comfort zone.
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Dd1 is wonderful because she is so sweet and nurturing and always loves to give hugs. She is super smart and loves to do tricks, read stories, paint, and her all-time favorite right now: give birth to dollies and tell me I'm the little kid and I have to share my toys with the new baby. LOL. She gets frustrated with her little sister, but she loves her too, and wants to hug her and carry her around all the time. She is sensitive and notices things that other people don't, she really pays attention, and asks a lot of questions. She loves to listen to music and bake. I guess I could go on and on!

DD2 has the greatest sense of humor. She thinks everything is a game and laughs at everything. She loves to run away and be caught, she loves to hide, and she adores animals, and more than anyone she adores her older sister and gets so excited to see her. She loves to nurse, and I love that too, and she knows how to make me laugh. She is very vocal and adamant about things; if another kid takes a toy or bumps her she will point her finger at them and yell her baby babble. It is hilarious.
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Oh what a great thread!!! I could write forever!!! But I'll pick a couple of my current favorites:
I love how when DS sees a lady bug he gets all excited and blows it kisses.
I love how easily he gets so happy and excited! An airplane in the sky, driving by a digger or a garbage truck... he practically vibrates with excitement at the littlest things and it's contagious!
I love how whenever he gets a booboo, even a tiny one, he wants a kiss. And how when anybody else gets a booboo, he wants to kiss it.
I love how he asks to nurse by patting his chest and saying, "nerf!"
Ok... I have work to do. But I might have to come back later and brag again!!!!
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Oooh, I want to add, even though ds in only 2.5 months. I love him because A) he saved my life. Had I not gotten pregnant I would have never gotten the courage to leave an abusive marriage

and B) because he is so friendly and happy and cheerful. He thinks its hysterical when I sneeze ...it's just the best sound in the world to hear him laugh
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Every single one of them helps carry in the groceries. They all help put them away and they all help eat them!!! LOL

They each have sweet qualities about them that is special
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I'm back!!!

I love reading all of your posts... I love bragging about my little. My kid is great because he laughs in his sleep! He can't talk and doesn't know it. He reads me stories and the only words in the whole book are either "mommy" or "duck". He is right there to give hugs and slobbery kisses!
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Well it is easy for me to brag about my kids because they are amazing. I know I am a bit biased but oh well!

Both of my girls were preemies and had to overcome huge odds. They have been through so much in their short lives (DD1 is 3 and DD2 is 1) but they are absolutely beautiful, resilient, healthy, smart and active girls. My oldest is very high energy (I call her my spirited child) and very sweet and sensitive. My youngest is like a little fairie. She has big blue eyes that are such a light blue color and she just has the most angelic little face and personality. Both of my girls are so special and wonderful...
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I would love my daughter no matter what, but just last week I was in awe of her. I was observing her patience and gentleness with a tantruming peer.
She just took it all in(the situation), dealt with it calmly, and they moved on peacefully.

I love how she is thoughtful towards others and speaks with kindness, even in stressful situations.

She is very understanding that we cannot buy everything our hearts desire, but we can save up for some of them.

She picks up garbage on the streets :

I am so proud of her. She is grounded, strong, loving, caring and has a wicked sense of humour that can leave me scratching my head in confusion until I figure that she is purposely stringing me along for a laugh.
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Ds is a sunny, social wonderful, funny kid. His humor kills me. I asked him where his manners were the other day and he told me they were in his pocket. He is adventurous and smart. He is not 3 yet and has already mastered age 3-5 puzzles. He is kind and loving. I could go on and on and on.
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Yea....my DS is wonderful because he will goof off just to make me laugh, and he'll keep going and going and going...

until I laugh or he gets thrown into time away for doing whatever it was obnoxious to make me laugh (whatever happens first )
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DS 11 is great because he always makes me laugh. He has arthritis and even though he can't do all the activities he wants to do, he always focuses on the positive and the things he can do.
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