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Throwing up not an issue until now

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hi all,

my due date is the 27th. the last few nights i've woken up ready to spew and have been able to avoid doing so. however last night i was not so lucky and it was awful.

it's like i can't eat anything right now. i don't know if i just need to do small portions from here on out, but trying to sleep sitting up is getting old!

what is going on? anyone else experiencing this?

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Fortunately, I've been able to avoid actually getting sick. But yes, I've been very nauseous as of late. Instead of eating 3 meals, smaller meals or even just snacking all of the time is helping me.

It stinks.
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I'm 39 weeks today, and I've been nauseous again off and on from about 36 weeks. I think I've spewed 3 times since then. It bites.
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uh--me too. it sucks. i'm almost 38 weeks and i've been crazy nauseous since roughly 33.5 weeks. most days lately i manage not to throw up, but for a few weeks i was throwing up 4 out of 7 days. in fact, it has totally flattened me and i've been mostly house-bound for the last month. yuck. i cannot wait to have this baby in my arms instead of inside me.

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Are you nauseous or is it acid reflux? This baby needs to come out soon so that I can sleep without wanting to throw up. There is just so much acid, no matter what I eat and the 4 pillows I have been trying to sleep on don't seem to make much of a difference. More and more acid just keeps coming up. Smaller meals and not waiting til I'm starving to eat, seems to help, but definitely doesn't make it go away. Sorry others are feeling bad at night as well.....
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i don't feel super nasueous...it might be acid reflux. it is whatever i eat and my throat was definitely tore up from the acid last night and all day today.

i am sleeping on 3 pillows, nearly sitting upright to not feel my dinner rising in my throat. today i tried bland foods all day and no food after 6pm except tea.

i have heard that zantac is safe during pg. did you consider it?

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My midwife recommended zantac to me. I LOVE her for it! Give it a go and see if it helps. I was SOOOOO unhappy for a week or so before I got to her to ask what to do about it.

Also try not to eat or drink within 2 hrs of heading to bed. That'll help a ton too.
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Zantac can be really helpful for a lot of women. I had some success with it in previous pregnancies but it wreaks havoc on my digestive system so I end up trading one problem for another. I am due any minute now and would have had this baby by now if not for being so sick so I'm trying really hard to suck it up and deal, but you have a bit more to go so it may be worth it for you to try the Zantac.
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That sounds like what just happened to me. Last night I woke up at 1 am and threw up for the next half an hour. Once my stomach was empty, I was able to go to sleep until about 8am. I felt fine in the morning, very hungry, but not sick. I thought that maybe I caught a bug or something, but wouldn't it last longer? I had a little morning sickness in the early months, but nothing like this.
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