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Natural remedies for menstrual migraines?

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It seems like I've always had headaches that came with my cycle... but they've been getting worse over the past few months. Last month it was an unbearable migraine and I ended up getting shots that day just so I could function. Well my montly migraine hit yesterday and I took one Immitrex for it... the first hour I felt so much pressure in my neck, shoulders, and jaw... it was really painful. Of course I felt better afterwards, but something about this medicine possibly causing a heart attack scares me. I dealt with the headache today instead of taking more. I'd love to know if there are any natural remedies out there that I could try for my migraines, so I can still function and avoid these meds.

I've heard low progesterone can be a cause of these migraines, and I do have PCOS and Insulin Resistance... so should I look into some kind of progesterone supplement?

Details - my period is really heavy for the 2nd and sometimes 3rd day - this is usually when I get the migraine, then my period dissappears for about 12 hours, then I have two more days of light to normal bleeding.

I'd appreciate any help or advice or anything TIA!
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Try magnesium supplementation. http://www.ctds.info/magnesium-migraine.html

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here is a fertility diet that may help with migraines and insulin resistance... lemme know whatcha think
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Have you ever tried dong quai?
I wonder if balancing your hormone levels would help?
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