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Parent practice

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Practice makes perfect right? hehe. Well, my husband and I got to practice being mom and dad last night. My friend Osiris dropped off her 14 mo daughter last night so she could go hang out with some friends of hers. And of course little Elisa was just inconsolable the second her mom stepped out the door. She cried off and on for 45 minutes. We'd be certain that we had her distracted and that she was done crying, when suddenly she'd burst into tears again. Poor baby. She was doing the sniffles for a while. Then of course she had no interest in bed time. So we tried to see if we could tire her out by letting her stay up. She sat on DH's lap and started feeding him goldfish. lol. She'd put one in her mouth... and three in his! She also called him Daddy a few times too. So cute! Course her mom said she calls every guy daddy. lol. She started calling me mommy after a little while too. And she'd burst into tears if I stepped out of the room. Sheesh... I had to pee! lol. She was a kick to watch, especially when she started nodding off. So I changed her diaper before bed and we took her to our bed to see if we could interest her in sleeping. We were in bed around 11:15pm. Of course she stayed up and awake till almost midnight. We both layed on our sides curled in towards her, and she fell asleep actually on me draped across my stomach. lol. We moved her once we were sure she was out... cus of course I had to pee. In the early hours of the morning she started whimpering some, so DH laid her across his chest. A little after 5am he complained he couldn't move and wanted some space, so we moved her back to the center of the bed. It was close to 6am when her mom finally returned home. She came in and picked the little angel up and took her to the guest bedroom to catch a few hours of sleep before she went home.
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Haha, Rachel, you'll learn soon enough how to pee with a baby on your lap. None of my kids ever accepted the, "I have to pee!" excuse. Glad you had a nice time. * Jaime
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My favorite is nursing while you pee. Amazing the things you learn to deal with
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