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Corn allergy and Benadryl - need help!

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My oldest DS has allergies to wheat, barley, rye, dairy, soy, eggs, peanuts and many tree nuts. We are currently on a gluten/dairy free diet and of course avoiding all his other allergens. I am now trying to tackle his corn allergy...

Have spent the last few days reading lists of foods to avoid and foods that are okay (many are not because of his other allergies, sigh). It is apparent that the corn allergy affects his bowels and possibly causes issues with tummy pain. He is not super communacative in this department because of his age. But as of now, it is not an ana rxn however it is a Class 3 on the RAST test.

However I am stumped on Benadryl. I know that many get their Benadryl formulated at an independent pharmacy. But my concern is that my son is just barely 3 and still uses the liquid variety. He doesn't take it often, but does need as part of his rescue medication if he has a reaction. Can I get it in a liquid form? I'm sure I could probably mix iwth liquid to give him if needed for hives, but in a life threatening emergency I don't know if I would have the time to do so.

I'm in the US BTW.

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I feel your pain here. I also have a corn-allergic daughter.

We use the Benadryl "Quick Dissolve Strips." They come in adult size (25 mg) or child (12.5), and we cut them in quarters or halves. The inactive ingredients inculde glycerin and xanthan gum, both of which can sometimes cause problems for the corn-allergic, but we've been ok with them (I kind of figure the benadryl will negate the influence of a few molecules).
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I use the Dye-free Children's Benadryl. It's ingredients are: carboxymethylcellulose sodium, citric acid, flavors, glycerin, purified water, saccharin sodium, sodium benzoate, sodium citrate, and sorbitol solution. I have a corn (and other) intolerant 3 yo and I use it for her. She's not anaphylactic though, so I don't know if it contains part corn. I know that it doesn't make her intolerances worse, and can often make them better (especially with corn, when she gets eczema). I would call the company about the corn, if it were an anaphyactic situation.
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Here's another vote for the quick dissolve strips. We've never had a reaction to the strips, they are fast acting, and fit easily in your wallet/purse.
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Kathy, where did you find your dye free benadryl? I've looked at a few stores and been unsuccessful.

For those that use the strips, is there any particular flavor that is safer than another?
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The dye free Benadryl is just at Walmart. It's liquid. Don't know what it tastes like. I used the dye free Motrin too (harder to find) but DD seems to react to Motrin so I went back to the dye free Tylenol.
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