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Русскоязычные семьи

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For all the Russian language families out there, dobro pozhalovat'!

I s prazdnikom...

Just wondering...it seems that my dd's are motivated by the computer. Do you know of any computer games that would help them learn Russian? They are getting bored of Eurotalk and Talk Now Russian? Any other ideas ' moyee droozia?"
Just passing on dolphinkisser's question here... I do not know of any but I will ask DH.
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I don't have an answer to dolphinkisser's question, I'm just saying привет
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Spacebo bolshoya!!
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Hm, I don't know of any games either, and of course I can't find the website we order our stuff from *sigh* It's St. Pertersburg something something... maybe they have pc games as well?.. Other than that.. Depending on your budget and the age of kids, Rosetta Stone seem to be famous for language programs.
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I'm avoiding computer games until my kids find out about them and really twist my arm, but if you "Гуглить" или "Яхуевать" (add those two to their Russian vocablulary ) "полезные компьютерные игры для детей" you get a lot of hits, including this list on one site:

Развивающие компьютерные игры:
http://www.solnet.ee/games/g1.html Развивающие детские FLASH-ИГРЫ
http://www.baby.com.ua/igr.html - Подборка замечательных развивающих флеш-игр (счет, форма, английские слова и прочее)
Но если вы такого мультика и не видели, то игры от этого мало потеряют
http://www.hitentertainment.com/pingu - игры он-лайн (из наших любимых)
http://www.raskraska.ru/gameroom.html Несколько развивающих игр (на компьютере)
http://yarastu.narod.ru/cds.html - обзор обучаюших компьютерных игр
http://www.7ya.ru/pub/toys/comp_igry.asp - по сути - это нечто типа обзора нескольких компьютерных игр для малышей.
http://myfamilyschool.narod.ru/gamescollectionrus.html - компьютерные игры для детей
http://www.raskraska.ru/game.html - пара игр на тему букв

There's also arjlover.net with his extensive list of audio skazki and multiki for dowloading free. There's also online children's radio in Russian in a few places, also findeable through search engines. There's probably kids' tv also -- we have so many DVDs and use the downloading that we haven't looked, but I'm sure it's out there.
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Thanks, Aprilushka (can we call you April for short even though it's the russkoyazychniy thread?).

That is a very exhaustive list and will have me, personally, on the net for longer than we can afford.
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I just posted in the old thread and didn't realise there was a new thread for Russians. So, if you didn't see my last post I'll just say basically what I said back there: My name is Liza, my dh is Semyon and my dd is Alyona and we're Russian-American, well, except for my dh. I had my dd in Russia and we plan on moving back once my husband turns 27 or we have a second child to avoid the Army. We're from Krasnoyarsk region and I lived in Colorado when I was younger and we still go to visit some family I have there sometimes.

I work in a private Russian school and I may be able to get a hold of some school books for children: Русский язык and Родная речь. If anybody would be interested in something like that, let me know in pm. I can't make any promises, but I think I might be able to get a hold of some old books that were "lovingly" used (and possibly old - for instance I have a book of poems in English for children that are all full of Soviet love) if anybody would need them.
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I just have to share -- I went to see Mumiy Troll last week in concert (the first concert we've been to post kids). It was really good (they were always my favorite Russian band), although DH was convinced it would have been more exciting to go the one in St Petersburg we couldn't get into 10 years ago when they were fresh and "the bomb". Whatever. I was quite happy to see them in the States, in a club with a much more intimate atmosphere than probably we could get in Russia (I was only about 12 feet away from Lagutenko), where they do still play pretty large venues, as far as I know. Their latest album is a lot better than the previous two and some part of the proceeds are to help the snow leopards.
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I saw them in concert! I also saw Ruki Vverkh. :

I did not know that their latest album went to help the snow leopards? Which charity?
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Ну все, приехали - а нас не попрут за русский базар?
Thanks for starting the thread, this is wonderful!
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а нас не попрут за русский базар?
Да хрен с ними!

Seriously, though, so long as we stick to the UA, I don't think so.

Glad to have you here, Elka- nu otkuda? Gde? Kak? Let's all get to know one another. Again.

DH and I have been married 3.5 years and we were a Russian-English-Persian family until we had DD, who is now almost 1.5. Now we speak Russian between us (being a former Pioneer he has a distinct advantage), and our native tongues to DD. We live in Central Asia but are moving to the US for some time soon.

I learned Russian in Russia, which I love. I was only there two years and I still have toska. Impossible? I tell you my soul is at least 3/4 Russian. (The other 1/4 believes that Stalin really could have done a better job ). Or maybe I am a reincarnated White Russian, except that White Russians, as far as I know, do not generally believe in reincarnation.


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Sorry, the Amura tiger, not the snow leopard -- or the album is in the tiger's honor and the group generally supports their conservation (and other endangered big cats). I confess I do not know the difference between the two, I'll have to go wikipedia it.

From the nashe radio site:

Пластинка будет наименоваться не иначе как «Амба». В честь, как ни странно, амурского тигра. Вообще, запутанная история: вроде бы Илья Игоревич является чуть ли не патроном дальневосточного благотворительного фонда, созданного в защиту всяческих «зверушек». В декабре, как уже писал Jamsession.ru, Лагутенко с группой участвовали в вечере, посвящённом защите тигров и прочих кошачьих, где и рассказал о том, почему, собственно, «Амба»: мы, мол, такие же красивые, редкие и смелые, как амурский тигр. Что ж, ни приубавить, ни убавить.
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And I've seen Mumiy Troll in concert

But, Aprilushka, I know what you mean about seeing Russian bands in the US. I have seen Vopli Vidoplyasova (OK, Ukrainian, not Russian) in concert probably 20 times and BY FAR the best was seeing them in New York, in a small restaurant/bar in Brighton Beach. There were probably less then 50 people there, some were just sitting at tables eating and drinking, and the rest were dancing on the dancefloor that went right up to the front of the stage. I could have spat on Skrypka I was so close

Originally Posted by Mahtob View Post
I also saw Ruki Vverkh. :

As for Ruki vverkh, my office mate and I were just talking about them (and, uh, listening to them yesterday and we were saying how the next time they come to San Francisco we should go see them We were only half joking..... :

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the next time they come to San Francisco we should go see them
Ruki vverkh have been to San Fransisco? We used to joke- which one do you like better, Ruki or Vverkh?
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I'm just shocked Ruki Vverkh is still around. Didn't those Ivanushki guys (or whatever they were called) go the way of the Backstreet Boys a long time ago?

We also tried to see Zemfira a while back, but then she didn't come in the end (it was New York I think) and I don't think we got our money back either.
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Oh, Ruki vverkh is still around

My office mate actually looked up their tour schedule the other day--apparently they are currently touring in Germany

Ruki vverkh have been to San Fransisco?
According to this same office mate, they have played SF several times. Hey, their music is of universal appeal

We also tried to see Zemfira a while back,
I like Zemfira--although I've never seen her in concert. I did make my students listen to Ya iskala last week, though, when we were doing the instrumental I forced Grebenshchikov on them yesterday
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I can't get into those Perestroika era guys too much, too 70s oriented hard rock style for my taste, I tend to find it kind of grating (whereas I love 90s Brit pop rock style and hence Mumiy Troll), although I recognize their importance and certainly would much rather listen to them than silly Russian commercial pop, which seems to only get sillier with every year. DH has met Shevchuk a couple of times -- an artist friend of ours from Ufa knows him pretty well. Kudos to him for speaking his mind lately.
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Ivanushki International, SOOO still making records, YES, and the red haired dude is looking so old nowadays. Dude, give it UP, Dima Bilan is here and you guys are all half dead. They are totally on RU.TV (San Fransisco... VSE smotryat RU.TV ).

For the record I think Dima is a дикуад but that is not the point.

The point is, I was just listening to Zemfira today. I like her old stuff better, perhaps because I'm used to it. Devushka sozrela, khochesh', arivaderchi... But, being a child of the seventies and perestroika, I :heart: KINO and Grebenshikov.

(Screw the four-letter transliterations.)
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certainly would much rather listen to them than silly Russian commercial pop,
Ah, just wait until my students get "chtoby"--I've got "Takogo kak Putin" all queued up for that already

I :heart: KINO and Grebenshikov.
I'm really not that into Grebenschikov, although I used to like him. But the song worked really well (we did that pod nebom golubym song) because they had just gotten the instrumental AND colors. We've done one Kino song when we did the genitive plural (that u menya est dom tolko net kliuchei song), and we're going to do stan ptitsei tomorrow (because we just did stat + instrumental today). They actually really liked the first Kino song, so they will probably like this one as well. And when we get imperative soon, we'll be doing DDT's "Eto vsyo." Well, I figure it's better than doing grammar drills the whole hour, right?
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Anything is better than an hour of grammar drills. Unless you are a total nerd like me and you enjoy them.

We used to end our parties with "Eto Vsyo" every weekend. A favorite... but I like Belaya Reka better.
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