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My peanut

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I have been busy snuggling, nursing and wearing this wee one and despite the lack of sleep and the incredibly sore nipples I am in love!
Baking her birthday cake
And hands free nursing :littlecheer i was able to vaccuum and nurse with ease. And it was the only thing i did. i am not doing too much. I promise, the kids piced up stuff and dh moved things.

I am lurking, but not able to post much.
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Ah, so sweet!
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Ah! That baby is so precious! Your other kids are too!
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Awww, what a cutie! And I love your wraps.
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Gorgeous family!
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Your kids are soooo cute!! This is all very inspiring--thanks for sharing these!
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Oh your peanut is adorable! You are glowing, mama, and your older children are gorgeous! What a happy family!
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Ohmygoodness--you're so cute, she's so cute, your family's so stinkin' cute.

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She is just beautiful!!!!

Welcome, little girl!
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What a beautiful family mama!! Congratulations!!
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