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Tagen has arrived!

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Just thought you ladies would like to know that I gave birth to Tagen Jill on March 7th at 11:50am. She weighed in at 6lbs 8.8ozs and 19in long. She was a great early surprise arriving at 37 weeks. We are both doing well and big brother is so excited about his new little sister! I will get a birth story in order at a later date. Thanks for all of the support.
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Congratulations, and welcome early-bird Tagen!
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Congratulations and welcome little Tagen!!
I love her name.
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Welcome to the world, Tagen!!!!

Congratulations! Enjoy your babymoon with her!
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Welcome Tagen! Congrats, mama!
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Welcome to the world Tagen! Congrats Mama!
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Congratulations! Welcome Tagen!
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Congrats, mama!!!
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welcome little tagen!
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Welcome baby Tagen. Glad you are both doing well.
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