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Looking to hear some flawless Pitocin-Induced Labor stories...

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It looks as though I may need to go the route of induction by the end of next week or so... I'm petrified of needles, and the idea of pitocin... but i've decided that i'm going to let what needs to happen, just happen, and i really need to hear some stories of people that were induced, and nothing bad happened at all, they just started their labor and had their baby... Please tell me you are out there somewhere, and that I could be the next one to say that too!!

No horror stories please, i've already heard enough of those, which is why I have always opted for natural in the past!! If i can get her out naturally, I will, but I need to start thinking about what will happen if i really can't.

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I had a planned induction when my DD was 10 days over due. I went in at 5am and had a beautiful healthy baby at 4:49pm. I am not going to say is was all fun and flowers, because birth never is, but it was not a horror story either! I think pitocin makes labor more painful, but it's gonna be painful either way, so no way out of that! I can say that I would do it again, in the same circumstance, and neither one of us suffered any ill effects. HTH!
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No stories, just want to say good luck to you. It's got to be really hard to be pregnant for way longer than you expected. Here's sending you some good vibes and labor dust
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My story I'll keep to myself but my friend was induced 2 weeks before her edd because baby was supposedly big. She was induced at around 8 am and had her babe by 8pm. Her labor was fine and baby was great! She is actually being induced 2 weeks early again for baby weight and chose so because her first experience was wonderful!

Good luck....maybe it'll happen on its own before then!
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I have been induced both times due to my water breaking. First time it broke and labour just wasn't making an appearance any time soon! And second time because water broke and there was very thick meconium in it and labour was starting but slowly. Both labours were very quick, very intense, but no other interventions (except for laughing gas which I think only helped my psychologically!).

My story could be a bit different though. I assume that because my waters had broken my body was ready for the birth experience.

I hope your babe decides to come before you have to go this route, but if you do, they are not all horror storys. Both my births have been very emotional, empowering, and love my new baby experiences! I wish the same to you!
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As a doula I have been to several inductions. And one thing it helped my finally absorb: My induction with my forst was not bad at all !

I was induced at 38 weeks, 2 cm and 80%.
Pit started, broke my waters a few hours later, and had a baby in about 8 hours after that.

Not to say that I find any of the things that come with induction to be good, but considering all that may not go well, I am very thankful for my outcome!

Good luck, hope it does not come to that, but rest assured there are pleny of good stories out there.
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When my mom was pregnant with me, she was induced with pitocin 12 hours after her water broke, as was standard at that time. She went on to have a completely natural, intervention free birth, in the hospital. She had a wonderful lamaze birth experience. They had to to fight to have my dad stay in the room, but other than that it was smooth sailing.
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I was given pit. because my water broke and NOTHING was happening. We waited to go the hospital because we knew they would induce when I got there. The drip was started at 6 pm and I had my boy at 2:32 am. Intense, yes. No doubt about that. But like Czen said, my body was apparently ready for the birth. Good Luck!
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A friend was induced on her due date because her doctor was going out of town and the baby's head had been engaged for *6* weeks already.

She had a very easy labor and delivery. She did have an epidural, which went beautifully despite a couple of potential complications (she has spina bifida and scoliosis, so they had to look at old x-rays before getting the needle in.)

Her second delivery, which I believe was not induced, also went very well.
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My water broke with my second child at 34 weeks at around 5PM. I drove myself to the hospital, my ex-husband was at work so my dad went to pick him up while my mom looked after my first child.

At around 11PM labor still hadn't started so they gave me two shots of pit within 5 minutes of each other (that was the only bad thing, the first nurse hadn't written in my chart that she'd alread administered it). I went into active labor then and had my "natural" birth (no iv pain meds, no epidural, no gas, etc.) at 2:20ish AM.

Baby and I stayed in the hospital for 3 days since she had stopped breathing for all of 30 seconds on the first night, but that was the only "complication".

Good luck!
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note: I feel that women should all birth at home, with caregivers of their choice, and if there's a complication during pregnancy or labor, THEN go to the hosptial.

My first baby was an uncomplicated elective induction, 39 weeks. My OB said this would work, my cervix was "favorable." I agreed to this because I knew my own Bishop score, a 9 (I was a huge OB text junkie w/ my 1st pg--vs. being a BIRTH junkie now.)

7:30 a.m. arrived at hosptial

8 a.m. OB broke my bag of waters

9 a.m. Pit is started, slowly

10 a.m. epidural meds given

1:00 p.m. epidural meds not working, Pit working, pain intense and agonizing

4:00 p.m. epidural re-inserted

5:00 p.m. OB leaves for day, I am 4 cm.
owies and agony, and
5:30 p.m. RN says 10 cm, calls OB

6:30 p.m. OB arrives

6:40 p.m. I start pushing
5 pushes and 1 episiotomy later
7:02 p.m. baby born

Good points: I watched in a mirror. I reached down & pulled my baby out. I declared the sex. I got my hour of bonding time. I could stand up & pee on my own after an hour (despite epidural meds--I don't know how to do Pit w/o pain meds.)

Bad point that is not a horror story: no food at midnite before the induction; boy was I hungry!
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I was terrified, and I mean terrified, of having a pitocin induced birth. I can say now that it was not nearly as bad as I had expected and I did it without any pain meds.
I went in Saturday night and they put in some Cervidil, I had painless BH type contractions all night but I could sleep through them, no problem. They started the pit around 1pm Sunday, with a very low dose. I had more painless contractions all day as they slowly ramped things up. By 11pm, I was dilated to 3 and still not having any pain. At 1am things got painful and the contractions were every 3 minutes. It was very intense but manageable. I stood up and swayed back and forth with my DH for every contraction and that plus vocalizing made the contractions doable - lying down felt like torture. I couldn't really walk around, but the swaying was so helpful. I sat on the bed in between contractions and dozed because I was tired. This went on until about 6 am, when I went into transition. This hurt in a different way, but I got back in my groove after a some loud complaining. At 8 am I started pushing. Kaia was born half an hour later. Pushing started out somewhat painful but as the urge to push got stronger, it felt really good to bear down and push when I had the urge. I think that was the best part about her birth, I felt so powerful! Someone described it once to me as "throwing down" instead of throwing up, and it feels the same - an uncontrollable urge.
Having the IV in my hand was annoying but I could ignore it. The nurses got me warm washcloths or ice packs when it bothered me, and they don't actually use a needle, it's a small plastic catheter that goes in your vein. I was actually more annoyed by the constant external monitoring, but even that was easy to ignore once I really got into a groove of swaying and vocalizing. What worked for me was ommmmm very low, a low moan, and while I was in transition I apparently chanted "melty cervix, melty cervix" but I don't remember that part! LOL. After she was born and the placenta was born, they eventually took out the IV.
I really wanted a homebirth and it didn't end up that way, but I still feel like I had a really good birth experience. She was placed on my chest right away, we delayed cord clamping till ti stopped pulsing, the nurses were very respectful of my birth plan. Nobody shouted at me to push, which was also very important to me. I can post my birth plan for you if you like.
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Thank you everyone...

Seraph, i hope my induction (if needed) is as smooth sounding as yours, i think i could handle that, if everything is nice and slow paced, and they don't rush me with a million drugs and needles and all that! Although, i hope it doesn't take two days...!
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Both labours were very quick, very intense, but no other interventions (except for laughing gas which I think only helped my psychologically!).
Ok, next baby I want someone to bring a canister of laughing gas to my house!!! I'd love to laugh my baby out!!!

I don't have a pitocin story you wanna hear, but I was overdue with ds and I induced myself at home. If you are interested (or anyone else) I can either post it on th eboards or pm you.

Otherwise may your labor be amazing and memorable and may your child be healthy, strong and beautifully individual.

Be blessed
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I'm interested!! Please tell me how you induced yourself!
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I was induced with DD#2 She was due Oct 25th and I was induced Nov 9th. Got to the hospital at 6am, broke my water at 7am started poticin slowly at 11am got epudural at 12pm slept from 1230 to 515 woke up at 515 and had her at 524pm. So i can say YEs I had a wonderful experience with it. I plan to have a induced labor with this baby as well for I live a hour away from the hospital ! Wish you luck!
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I let them induce me with my first baby. It was fine, I had no other drugs or interventions. In fact, I handled labor better that time than I did with my second, maybe because I knew it was coming.
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I was induced with Ds, and while it wasn't what I had planned, and it isn't the route I would choose to go again, I will do it again if it is medically necesarry as it was with Ds. I was induced with pitosin and a pill that they place against your cervix to make it dilate. I believe that my labour was a little longer and a little rougher than it might have been naturally but in the end it was all worth it. Labour lasted for about 27 hours, but my son was born healthy, and thats what really matters. And as a bonus I didn't need stitches. I wouldn't recommend it to women who just want convience but I would definately say that if it is medically necesary it is much better than the alternatives. (ie. sick baby and mom or C/S)
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