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Would you buy used cloth diapers?

Poll Results: Would you diaper your baby in used cloth diapers?

  • 80% (265)
  • 19% (66)
331 Total Votes  
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Would you buy used cloth diapers (from a stranger, for arguments sake) and put them on your baby?

When you've answered this question; please go to this thread and answer the one there. (my apologies to those of you who do not qualify for that forum yet)

See my final thoughts/summary on page two; post 28. Thanks everyone; it's been interesting.
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If you want to include non-TAO members you might want to post the other poll in Mindful Home Management rather than TAO.

TAO= "Talk Amoungst Ourselves" and is only open to members with at least 50 posts and 60 days of membership.

I had some cloth diapers and covers gifted to me when I first switched DS from disposables to cloth. I was very grateful for the diapers and used them.
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Thanks for the advice Ruth. I picked TAO because I thought it didn't fit anywhere else. What I should have done, is ask you first!! Speaking of which, why aren't you a moderator yet?
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I will buy diapers used if they are easy to clean, like pocket fitteds, but not if they have internal soakers.
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all of my diapers but one was bought used. i can't afford to buy brand new cds yet it is very important to me to CD so used is the way i go!
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I don't know which thread to answer in. I will not use used adult underwear because adults might have unsavory things in their private bits. Children generally will not have questionable diseases when they are wearing diapers. I don't know if any adult diseases survive the washing process but the thought of it is gross to me. DH refuses to use second hand diapers though so we don't. DD has worn hand me down undies from her cousin.
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I only buy used if I cannot get them new.
I just bought a used Sweetiebum in a print that is not readily avilable anymore. And I have bought Peanut Butter & Ellie Graes after I couldn't get one by stalking.
It has to be a very special diaper to make it worth it.
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I got my prefolds off a lady on craigslist and didn't worry any about it. I washed them a lot. She gave me a whole lot of covers, but I haven't been able to use any of them because of my son's skinny legs.
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I will use used cloth diapers. In fact, most of my current stash is used. I will not use use underwear on myself or on my children if it's from a stranger. The difference is mainly that, like another person said, babies pee and poop in them and that is it. Everything dies in the wash. With underwear, and more so adult than children's, you don't necessarily know what's in there. And there are some things that I don't want to take the chance on them not dieing in the wash.

As for the point that some babies get yeast infections, well, this is true, but it has also been proven time and time again that if you boil the diapers you kill the yeast. That, and yeast is something that you have anyway -- it's not a foreign thing.
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Some of my CD stash is used. Toddler prefolds aren't so easy to get your hands on here in Canada, so I bought 6 used. They have some staining on them but honestly, it doesn't bother me. I wash them in hot water and dry them in a hot dryer. And all my son does is poop and pee in them anyhow.

As long as the diapers are in good condition, even if they do have some staining, I don't mind buying used.
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When I was first building my stash when I was pregnant with DS I bought quite a few used diapers to try out different types. I've sold quite a few since then. I've also borrowed diapers from friends before, and loaned them out.
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Yep, sure do. I buy used and new. I wash them. It doesn't bother me any. And considering that I just made almost $300 in selling dd's used diapers on diaperswappers this past weekend I know I'm not the only one who doesn't mind used dipes!
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I've bought quite a few used diapers on Diaperswappers. I don't care as long as they are in good condition.
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Over half of my diapers over the last 4 years have been used. I have no problems with that what so ever.
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and votes yes for the other poll to.
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My thinking is that cloth diapers are washable and you can get them really clean just by washing them.....or else I probably wouldn't use them at all anyways....

I usually wash new used stuff a couple of times before I use it just to be sure.

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I bought all my diapers used from a diaper service going out of business or on the TP or on Ebay. Diapers are so heavily washed using such hot water, I can't really imagine anything would survive. I'd also use a diaper service if someone was offering to pay for it--all used diapers, all the time.

I generally treat my undies delicately . . . cool to tepid water, gentle detergent, etc . . . I wouldn't accept used undies for that reason and because I can get undies for $2.00 each and only need one (or two) a day. Much less expensive than diapers.

And yes, I wear used pants. I wear undies all the time so it's a barrier and I also wash my used pants before I wear them.

If diapers cost what underwear did, I'd buy them all new. Heck, if I could find some gently used bras in my size, that would be great--I'm tired of spending $50-$60 on ONE bra.
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I took both polls. No to each.

I wouldn't use used undergarments on myself or my child...

Yes, they can be washed. But there are waaaayyy too many nasties that live and are transmitted from that area for me to be comfortable!! Child OR adult!
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Of course, they're diapers! Some of my favorite diapers I bought used. No biggie.
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yes to diapers, no to underwear. adults and their diseases and infections are way grosser than baby poop lol!
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