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Poll Results: Would you diaper your baby in used cloth diapers?

  • 80% (265)
  • 19% (66)
331 Total Votes  
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Originally Posted by Blucactus View Post
yes to diapers, no to underwear. adults and their diseases and infections are way grosser than baby poop lol!

It just seems easier to disinfect diapers.
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of course! In fact, an actual stranger on the street came up to me when my boy was a few days old and gave me a ton of cloth diapers
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I'm not opposed to the idea. But as of right now, we're planning on having a whole bunch of kids. Since we're only on number 1, I feel like my best bet is to buy new, that way I'll get the most wear out of them.

And by number 5 or 6, I have a feeling my DH will have long ago cut off the diaper buying
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I voted yes because we use a diaper service.
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No, not unless I had to.
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My second child will be reusing my son's diapers, but I have never bought used diapers. However, the main reason I have never bought used is because between coupon codes, bulk discounts and clearance sales, buying used would not have saved me much money. In fact, I sometimes see used diapers selling for more than what I paid new, which always baffles me. I might feel like a total hypocrite for selling them when #2 is done with diapers, but I'm sure some of them will be in good enough condition for additional usage.
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I do not own used diapers but I would buy them and I have bought some for a friend (as go between - she was in other state and it was too good a deal to pass). I am not grossed out by used dipes as I would bleach them first.

Used underwear I would not buy because undies are usually too fragile to bleach. Plus, they are not made to last as long as diapers and are usually broken down and raggedy much sooner.
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For those of you who couldn't see the other poll (I again, apologize) and haven't yet figured it out; I asked "would you wear used underwear from a stranger?". As of this moment, the poll results are 26 yes's and 143 no's. There was a whole slew of interesting discussion. I just posted the following post on (page 4!!) of that thread; and this is how it went (so nobody's left in the dark)....


Well folks; it's been an interesting run on this topic. Thanks to everyone who replied.

Me personally; I wouldn't buy used diapers from strangers; but I may use used diapers within my family. My sisters and I sometimes borrowed underpants when we were kids; but that doesn't happen now. It's the unknown for me that creeps me out; that's why I specifically asked "if they came from a stranger" on both polls; because I think some of you would be more inclined to take used undergarments from family than strangers. The results of both polls to date has been rather interesting; yet somewhat expected. I just wondered how many people associated used diapers and used underpants to be the same...thanks to everyone who admitted to be hypocrites.

The second biggest point made on each of the threads was the cost of underwear vs cloth diapers. Yes, that's definitely a factor. I'd be curious to know how many "no" people would turn to "yes" people if underwear were $15+ a pair. The very biggest point made has to do with the 'germs' (aka: "nasties") that an adult has vs a baby. Interestingly enough; we don't associate babies as being potential disease carriers; which is more commonly true, but not necessarily true (more so now, than ever). One way or another; no matter what disease a person of any age has; if you were to wash the undergarment in hot water with tea tree oil and then hot water and soap; and then a hot water rinse; nothing is going to survive - be it adult or infant germies.

Truth be told: I personally still couldn't do the used undergarments thing. Thanks again for all your interesting replies!
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Yep. I don't think I've ever bought a new CD. Diapered my girlie all in used and gonna do it again with my next babe.
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No, I don't use used diapers. I keep my diapers clean and nice, BUT you just never know if others do or not. I mean some people give-up on CDing because they have issues related to getting them clean. I don't want their hand me down problems. I buy new because I know they are washed right and are sanitary. I just can't bring myself to do that. DH agrees, so it's never been a question.
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Originally Posted by Blu Razzberri View Post
I'd be curious to know how many "no" people would turn to "yes" people if underwear were $15+ a pair.
Me! I'd still be picky and would only accept them if they were the right sort of undies though.
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Originally Posted by Blucactus View Post
yes to diapers, no to underwear. adults and their diseases and infections are way grosser than baby poop lol!
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Right now, no.

I have squeamish issues and am a major germ-phobe. My hands are falling apart from all of the washing that I do.

It's a major reason that I've had trouble becoming more green in the first place - my addiction to paper towels. But I'm working on that issue and am using a dishcloth and towel much more often now.

I want to cloth diaper but it's got to be new or I just can't do it.
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Absolutely. Heck of a lot cheaper, and as long as they don't smell, no problem with me.
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"I'd be curious to know how many "no" people would turn to "yes" people if underwear were $15+ a pair."

I would go commando. Dipes are different because they are for pooping/peeing and I am toilet trained.
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it's not even a matter of if underwear were $15 a pair - i don't go through a dozen or more of them in a day! so even if they were $15 a pair, if i needed to be frugal i could certainly wash a couple times a week and manage to only buy like 3 pairs. three diapers isn't going to last me the morning with a newborn, especially since we EC with diaper back-up and change after every pee.

if i went through over a dozen pairs of underwear each day and they cost $15/ea and i outgrew them in a few months, you bet i'd buy them used!
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Surprising nobody has mentioned the environmental benefits of re-using cloth!

I think it's a fantastic idea, providing they've been well looked after.
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Yes, we use used diapers! About half or ours were given to us by another mom who had no more need for them.
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I have underwear that were $15+ and I would never buy used! And some of my diapers cost twice that and some. lol
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yes I would. I am selling a lot on diaperswappers right now as a matter of fact(or will be as soon as I figure the pic thing out). another thing to think about....we obsess over our dipes: everyone I have talked to in my 4 years of diapering! that being said.......they are probably more well cared for than any other item in the house! my dipes.....not a stain on them! as far as bacteria and stuff.....nahhhh....not worried.
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