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Hi, I wanted to introduce myself. I am Hayke ('Hika" ) 30 yrs old, and due w/ baby #2 mid September. I have a 9 month old dd, and dh and I are so excited to be having another child and that they will be close in age. We were actively trying to concieve but because I am EBF dd we thought it would take a while. Well it happened the 2nd month we tried We were shocked! Thankfully my milk supply is still going strong, and I plan on tandem nursing once the baby arrives. I believe we will be 'done' having kids w/ this one, but aren't willing to say that for sure Anyhow, I would love to join you mamas and look foward to getting to know you all. Just out of curiosity-anyone else out there from Colorado?
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WELCOME to our DDC! Glad you found us and joined the group!
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Welcome, Hayke! * Jaime
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Congrats and welcome!!!!
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