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Charlie's out!!!

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Charlie was born last Tuesday.
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Wow, Mama, big boy! Congratulations!
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Congrats mama! Welcome little Charlie! He's adorable!!!
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Hello Charlie! He's gorgeous!
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Congrats and Welcome to the world, Charlie!!
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Welcome baby Charlie. Cograts and power to ya mama for pushing that big babe out!!
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welcome Charlie!
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OMG, that is a GORGEOUS baby! Congrats!
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I can hardly sleep at night -- not that he keeps me up on purpose, it's just once I wake to nurse him, I can't bear to turn off the light -- I just want to stare at him and smell his head. he is so wonderful.
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Wow!!! You are amazing - and he is gorgeous!! I know what you mean about the smell of their heads!!!! I just sit and snuggle Z, sniffing at her head for as long as she'll let me! It's just heaven!

Enjoy your babymoon!
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Congratulations mama!
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Wow he is a big one and very cute . Congrats!!!
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Wow kuddos to you mama, that is one big boy!!! Congrats, he is beautiful!
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Wow big boy Huge congratulations he's georgeous,can't wait to have mine
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