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Still Pregnant Roll Call!

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I am loving reading all the birth announcements-they all make me cry this week!!

I am wondering how many of us in march 08 ddc are still pregnant??

Any early signs of labor??
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I'm still here No real signs of anything. My mucous plug has been coming out in clumps for about 3 weeks now but absolutely no hint of pink! I've been having lot's and lot's and lot's of practice contractions that won't settle into a pattern. But, nothing that really indicates progress forward!
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Still preggo! No signs of labor! I'm OK though. Not too miserable. Daily more and more excited to meet this wee one and less and less apprehensive about birthing... so it's all good!

How 'bout the rest of you?
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Still pregnant.

I will be 39w Thursday.

Lots of irregular contractions, nothing much else going on!
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I'm still here with ya!! No real signs of an impending baby other than some minor cramping and the odd contraction here or there. I'm starting to feel like a watched kettle though and it's driving me crazy. I wish mine and DH's family would stop calling (and posting baby countdowns on their facebook pages) I mean there are still 11 days until my EDD and even then 1st baby's are likely to go overdue so like give me a break. I swear if I have to hear "how ya feelin??" one more time I'm gonna punch someone. I just want to enjoy this last bit of my pregnancy in peace.
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I've still got over two weeks to my due date, and zero signs of labor.
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I'm 38w1d and nothing much going on here, either. Just some cramping now and again and some irregular contractions here and there.
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EDD 3/31/08. Still pregnant and no signs here. I've felt some odd twinges occassionally, but that's about it. I am having some crazy swelling and the baby has been very active the last 3 days....rolling back and forth, swinging the feet around, etc. I would prefer to go on my DD, so I am not upset that nothing is happening yet.
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it's kind of frustrating isn't it? I lost my mucous plug about 2 weeks ago and had a night of practice labor, but the baby is still nice and happy in the womb. I'm 40 weeks and 4 days. Some moments I am content with still being pregnant and others I am so ready to pull this kid out with my bare hands LOL.
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still pg here and some cramping but nothing else going on. Just about 38 weeks though so it may be a while.
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39 weeks for me and no sign of anything either. It makes me really nervous because this is exactly what happened with DD (went to 42 weeks with no action at all).
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Still pregnant. I was 38 weeks on Monday.

No mucous plug, but I've been having a lot of bh cx. I'm not getting too excited about them since this is typical for me. The funny thing though is that they always seem to pick up at the same time of day - between dinner and bedtime I will be getting several an hour. This has been happening every night for the last week.

Waiting is getting hard...
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Today is my EDD, no signs of at all! DBZ, I really feel ya!
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Oh, I'm still here, too. My EDD isn't even until the end of the month, but it's tough around here with all these babies popping out already! No real signs of impending labor. *sigh* 38 weeks tomorrow. Sooo uncomfortable and grouchy. DH just informed me that he has a meeting tonight (not his fault or planning, btw), which means I'm on dinner/clean-up/bedtime duty all alone tonight, and I'm already exhausted. I about bit his head off I was so mad.
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I'm still here, too. I'm 39w2d. Sunday morning I lost my mucous plug, and Sunday night, I started having contractions every 5-6 minutes for about 4 hours. They were very early-laborish though. I tried to go to sleep, and I guess it worked because I woke up Monday morning still pregnant. Not much happening since then. My midwife is leaving for China on Monday, so I'm hoping to have the baby before then.
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I'm still pregnant, but am only 37 weeks so not sure if I am officialy allowed to complain yet! Signs, yes...contrax. - LOTS, and my water is DEFINATELY leaking. Lots of back pain and just feeling blah. I'm sure things are happening, which is wild as my others - eh, NOTHING, EVER! So, I'm quite amazed, and happy!
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40w4d and still pregnant. I thought I had bloody show Saturday but now I think it was just from the cervical check and sweep I had Thursday. Sigh.

I'm going to be pregnant forever!

I feel bad whining when I'm not even a week over due yet. Sigh.

Thursday I have a NST and I'm hoping I'll be dilated a little more so she can sweep me good.
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I'm 38 weeks today and still here as well. Friday feels right, but we'll see...throughout the pregnancy I was actually thinking I'd give birth closer to the full moon (Easter weekend). Again, we'll see. I've been having a ton of irregular BH contractions, cramping and back pain. No mucus plug yet, but then I didn't lose it until I actually went into labor with my first. She was born at 38 weeks/3days, wonder if this one will too.

It's crackin' me up how quickly folks answer the phone these days! They're all hoping for that baby news. I wish they'd all just relax. As far as I'm concerned, I've got at least two more weeks. I don't need the pressure.

UG, sleeping has become almost impossible! I can't roll over without grunting and groaning. I can't wait for that part to be over, otherwise, I do love being pregnant and know I will miss this belly full of life soon.
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Still pregnant here too. I'm 39 wks tomorrow. I'm impatient even though I'm still not at my due date. I'm SOOO ready to be done with pregnancy!

I've had a few pathetic contractions but really irregular and sporadic. My back aches today and my pelvis is clearly stretching in weird ways. My hips hurt, sleeping is hard and my feet are swollen. My hands are constantly tingly (pregnancy induced carpal tunnel is ever so charming... I keep dropping my car keys in the snow!)

Maybe tomorrow...
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I'm still here, 38 weeks tomorrow. I'm ready to be done, but baby obviously isn't. My other kids all came right around their due date, so I'm pretty sure I'll be around for a couple more weeks. I'm thinking maybe 3/23. Since it's ds's birthday, and Easter Sunday, and it's going to just be fun to add one more thing to the day, lol. Now someone mentioned it's a full moon that weekend, too? Ooohhhh.....
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