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Still here despite ctx all day long that literally make me stop dead in my tracks. So we are going on 24 hours of about 7 minutes apart...sigh. Two weekends ago we did 48 hours of 10 minutes apart. But they never get closer. I think my water may have leaked earlier and that her head has 'corked' it off (that happened with baby #2 for about 3 days)

Gee, maybe next weekend i can do 48 hours of 3 minutes apart. Uhhggg.

So much pressure...i swear that during a ctx i could sneeze her out. But there hasn't been any more bloody show, no more mucous plug stuff, and clearly if i were dilating any i would have a tad bit of bloody show. So, here we are, mother and daughter, separated from one another by a stupid little ol' cervix that won't budge...

I'll update tomorrow...that will be 40+2. So i guess we have a baby soon, or we have a baby not so soon. Either way we are closer to having a baby. But tonight it sure feels like it is as far away as it has ever been.
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*sigh* Still pg here too! EDD is sunday, and I'm in awe that I'm still pregnant! With all of the preterm labor issues, and the fact that dd was born at 38 weeks, I'm really surprised! We'll discuss light "help" other than dtd and stuff on Tuesday if no baby, but don't want to do black and blue or the stronger stuff yet because my body is SO touchy anyway.
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i didn't have bloody show until transition with ds! even when i knew i was at 6 cm. i didn't have any, so i wouldn't assume your cervix hasn't budged.

meanwhile, i continue to get lots of ctx, some bh, some super crampy, sometimes for hours at a time, but nothing adding up to anything. yesterday was a very nauseous day and i threw up...again. ugh. i know about three other people due a little later than i am (four days, ten days) and i now think i will end up being the last to go, just by virtue of murphy's law. i've had the most unbelievably uncomfortable pregnancy and so i'll also probably have the longest preganancy, too .

sending labor starting soon vibes to all those who want them!

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whining, whining...

Well, I woke up this morning....

...still pregnant.

I spent all day yesterday feeling nauseous/crampy/yucky, and while there were no real signs of impending labor, I was silently hoping it might mean it was around the corner. Still feeling yucky and crampy this morning, but that's probably just plain ol' bein' pregnant. 38w3d here.

I just feel sorta depressed, you know? It seems stupid to say that, since the realistic part of me knows that I won't *really* be pregnant forever, but the emotional and very, very hormonal side feels like I haven't ever NOT been pregnant, I am so sick of feeling huge, and the realization that I could, and probably will, have to lug this enormous body of mine around for another two weeks or more just makes me want to cry.
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Well, ds was up 4 times last night with a nasty cough so I guess I'm glad my prodromal stuff won't settle into anything productive! We need a couple more days to heal up before bringing a little one into this environment.

jillybeans, I never expected to make it this far either. Ds was a 35-weeker and we had ptl issues complete with dialtion and bloody show this time around so I hoped I would make it 37, but never expected to go much past that! Now I'm kinda banking on 43
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shh! Don't mention 43 or I'll be into April! I'm hoping for this weekend now. Taking dd to the playground and I may be desperate enough to try the monkey bars.
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tired and cranky here but still 12 days from due date so trying to be patient.
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twiddling my thumbs here. i'm huge, cranky and feel gross. When I mentioned to the midwife yesterday that I felt very done with pregnancy she sort of laughed it off and told me that it's quite likely to be another week or 2. (she's the back up, not our primary so hasn't been around for the full 9 months of illness) I was NOT impressed that she felt the need to remind me that it could go on quite awhile. I mean I'm more than 39 weeks (and the date they have is stretched a few days to give me a few extra days at the end 'just in case') it's NOT cool to tell someone at 39+ weeks that they aren't allowed to feel done in my opinion!
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Still pregnant here! notional 'due date' is Monday and dh has gone with ds1 and ds2 to get MIL from the airport! There isn't room for all of us in the car with the baby seat and there is no way I'm taking it out again now that we've finally got it level.

Now that MIL coming is inevitable, I'm remembering that I like her. Hope I can remember that for the next few days. Or maybe even, two weeks. I am so cranky!

Had to deal with having a guy come to fix the fridge this morning. At least it was a simple fix: burnt out defrost coil. The washing machine is acting up, and the dishwasher is in a terminal decline. They are all conspiring!!!

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still here, due date is tomorrow.
PLEASE come out SOON baby
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40w+2days here. I just realized about 10 minutes ago that I have barely felt my boy move at all today, just a few flutters around 10am. He usually has a squirmy episode mid-morning and then again around this time of day. I'm sick with a sore throat so I can't drink any oj, would any juice suffice? DH is away fishing so of course I'm here in my head freaking myself out. I've tried dancing around to wake him up, talking to him, putting an ice pack against my belly. Baby! Wake up!

At what point should I worry?
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It sounds like you are all ready worried... and that's important, IMO. Any juice or sweet, high energy thing will work. But at this point, honestly, I would call my practitioner because I think they're supposed to be moving 10 times/2 hours (I think that's right). Movement changes a lot as we get to the end b/c the movements are smaller (less wiggle room) but call if you feel any anxiety over it. That's what a practitioner is there for!
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Still pregnant here!
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I am a "hardly ever" poster- but have recieved some comfort knowing I am not the only one still pregnant. ; ) I am 40.4 today, due on 3/11. Up until yesterday I was contracting like crazy and at last appt I was nearly 3 centimeters and 90% effaced. Why isn't this baby coming out?!? We are hoping for a VBAC so the longer I go, the more I loose hope.

Healthy labor vibes to you all!
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anyone else having a terrible time sleeping? I'm getting between 2 and 3 hours...not consecutive a night.
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sleep? What is this illusive thing you speak of? Even when I'm beat I sleep in short spurts, need to pee, can't get comfortable etc.
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Once I drank some apple juice and got on the phone with DH he woke up and started squirming around. Today has been an unusual day b/c I have almost no voice and am alone so am not talking much, typically I talk all day at work (I'm a phone representative), so I wonder if talking to DH woke him up, the sound of my voice. I was really starting to worry though.

I agree with pp, sleep? What's that? I get little spurts. Night is the hardest time for me to sleep. I can usually catch an hour or so during an afternoon nap, usually in a semi-upright position. Then I start snoring and wake myself up.
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Originally Posted by kluella View Post
Then I start snoring and wake myself up.
I never snore but the last week it's been bad! I've woken myself up several times and dh, too. Which I'm ok with 'cause usually he's waking me up!

I'm so glad baby woke up for you! Because I've never been this pregnant and never had such a big baby with so little space left I've had a couple scares where I thought baby wasn't moving. My placenta is anterior though and sometimes I can actually see movement that I'm not feeling : Anyway, glad you got some good movement (and some peace of mind)!
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Having a hard time sleeping, for sure. Between the mattress cover we put on the bed recently in case of water breaking (which retains heat and doesn't breath, making the sheets feel damp and sweaty), my DH snoring, my pelvic bones acting up and aching if I somehow get the pillow out from between my knees, the waking every 2 hours to pee, and the absolutely unstoppable and constant drooling (oh, how I detest that pregnancy symptom!)..... yeah, sleep is evasive. But I'm getting enough to function. Not enough to keep Grumpy Mom away, though.

Today I had the first truly noticeable Braxton Hicks contraction of my entire pregnancy. I was just sitting down, making a grocery list, and it just crested right up through my entire uterus. It was strong. Not painful, but very strong. And I swear I could feel my cervix bulging. Almost made me think labor might be imminent.

Still - I have a million activities planned for myself next week, including a chiropractic appointment on Tuesday I desperately want to enjoy before this baby is born. I DO NOT want to have the baby and have to cancel everything! I'll be happy as a clam if I go into labor with the full moon, or the night before Easter, though. Just not these coming weekdays!
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Still pregnant, and so it shall be for a while still!!!

We had a deal this baby and I, that the birth would happen before the 14th or after the 19th, because my midwife is on a vacation now and I would have to go to the hospital instead of having my homebirth if it happens now. Because of this, I refuse to birth until the 20th. You hear that, baby???
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