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Originally Posted by DoulaJulian View Post
Still here despite ctx all day long that literally make me stop dead in my tracks. So we are going on 24 hours of about 7 minutes apart...sigh. Two weekends ago we did 48 hours of 10 minutes apart. But they never get closer. I think my water may have leaked earlier and that her head has 'corked' it off (that happened with baby #2 for about 3 days)

Gee, maybe next weekend i can do 48 hours of 3 minutes apart. Uhhggg.

So much pressure...i swear that during a ctx i could sneeze her out. But there hasn't been any more bloody show, no more mucous plug stuff, and clearly if i were dilating any i would have a tad bit of bloody show. So, here we are, mother and daughter, separated from one another by a stupid little ol' cervix that won't budge...

I'll update tomorrow...that will be 40+2. So i guess we have a baby soon, or we have a baby not so soon. Either way we are closer to having a baby. But tonight it sure feels like it is as far away as it has ever been.

Boy do I feel you mama. Friday night I actually ended up calling dh home from work because I was sure this was it. I had had mild, irregular contractions all day, and by evening they were 5-7 minutes apart and very painful. After 12 hours of that, they went back to 15+ minutes apart and very mild. So Saturday I tried castor oil and by evening the picked up again, only to stop AGAIN last night.

I had a good amount of bloody show and lost tons and tons of mucous, so I know my cervix did something, but I wish she would just hurry up and come out!

I'm 41w2d and tired of this! :
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Good morning. So. Pregnant.

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Still preggo here....

41 wks 2 days and counting......

lost my mucous plug 2 weeks ago, had bloody show last week...

contractions daily, but still no baby....I might just go crazy!!!!

My daily mantra

"baby isnt' ready, no one has ever been preggo forever, baby isnt' ready no one has ever been preggo forever......"
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due date today............... Come out, come out whoever you are!!!!!!!
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I'm right there with you ChildoftheMoon. My due date is today, too. My midwife is leaving tomorrow evening for China for 10 days, too. I'm really bummed out. I don't know why I thought the baby might actually come before she left since my DD went to 42 weeks. I was really encouraged last week when I had ctx every 6 minutes for 4 hours and lost my mucous plug...guess I still have 1.5 days...I
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Still pregnant. 38 weeks now. I have started having cramping and BH that I actually feel. Now I am starting to get a little nervous. And I am SUPER tired.
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still pregnant.

It's like being in the 2 week wait. I'm starting to climb the walls. But wow has it ever been nice to have my wife home for the weekend to play with Annie. I feel like I've caught up on sleep and now I'm just ready to get on with it. I feel weirdly gross today and was hoping it was the beginning of labour but I think I just feel weirdly gross today because NOTHING is happening (except I'm enjoying the sun on the couch and a good book.)

sigh. This is really going to happen right?
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Originally Posted by Sweetmilo View Post
Still preggo here....

41 wks 2 days and counting......

lost my mucous plug 2 weeks ago, had bloody show last week...

contractions daily, but still no baby....I might just go crazy!!!!

My daily mantra

"baby isnt' ready, no one has ever been preggo forever, baby isnt' ready no one has ever been preggo forever......"
I really feel you Sweetmilo and I'm only 40.5. After my mw appt last Thursday, I spotted for two days and really thought that I'd have a baby this weekend. The most disappointing thing is I have ZERO contractions. I'm crampy but it never goes anywhere.

When I woke up this morning still pregnant, it was all I could do not to . Chasing around my 22 month-old is exhausting in itself. My hat goes off to you pregnant mamas of multiples.

I really need to clean the house again. Keeping the house tidy for my HB has kept me busy, so I superstitiously didn't clean this weekend thinking maybe DD would come. It didn't work and my floors are funky so I'm off to tidy up.

Congratulations to all the new mamas and I'm sending early and ELVs to all the other moms.
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happy due date to me too. i don't mind going overdue at all, but I really wish that we hadn't been expecting her for SO long! Really, everyone, including the midwives, thought she'd be here by 37 weeks. My first dd was born at 38+6, so this is the most pregnant I've ever been. I'm so done.
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I'm here stillI feel guilty for complaining since I'm 39 wks 2 days, and some of you mamas are past due, but...I am HUGE and on my last legh well...
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I feel so awful complaining at 38 weeks with some of you past your EDDS. But I want her out tooooooooooo *whine* !!!!!!

And I swear I am so huge, I don't think I was ever this large before, even DH says so! This babe is going to be HUGE!
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Still here - the 17th is my due date. No BH or contractions that I can tell, but I do have some cramping off and on. Still no idea what my cervix is up to, but hopefully it's doing something! I've been using EPO religiously, so maybe it's starting to work. I'm fully expecting to go 2 weeks over, so I'm not too anxious.
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Still pregnant....
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water broke
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Man, this DDC is getting depressing...you open it up, and the entire first page is ".... was born", ".... is here", etc. Makes me jealous!!!

Still pregnant, 8 days out from my due date...I have an appointment today (rescheduled from the failed appointment on Thursday), so I guess it's time to talk to the dr about what we're gonna do if I don't go into labor by my due date.

I had scheduled a c-section for April 2, a week past my due date, since I'm personally not comfortable with the risks of going overdue with a scarred uterus. The midwife who is my primary caregiver canceled it, though, because she was/is confident I'll have a successful VBAC.

I guess it's just frustrating for me because my daughter was born at 37 weeks, and while I knew that I didn't go into labor with her on my own, it just didn't really *click* that this baby might want to cook for the full 40 weeks.

Also, I know that women are capable of birthing 10+ lb babies naturally, but the thought of doing it scares the crap out of me. My DD was over 8 pounds at 37 weeks...this baby has already had an extra 2 weeks, and my understanding is that they gain an extra 1/2 pound a week for the last 6 weeks...putting this baby at 9 pounds right now, and getting bigger daily. It already *feels* bigger than my daughter ever did. Um...ouch? I'm trying to think of it like doing a PT test for the military...it sucks wind while you're doing it, but all you have to do is run a little harder, a little faster, and then you'll be done and the pain will be over. But it's still very...intimidating. I know absolutely I won't be getting the epidural this time, it was ineffective last time and probably contributed to my ultimately having a c-section, since that was the reason I wasn't allowed to get up and walk around.

Soon enough I will have my baby in my arms, one way or another. I suppose I should just relax, because there's no way I'm going to be pregnant a month from now!!
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40 weeks today and still pregnant! I had some prolonged, painful cx yesterday, and some that were enough to wake me up in the night, so I think things are going to get moving eventually. Today would be nice but I'm not going to get my hopes up!

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Whew. That felt good.

I feel like crap. I'm still pregnant, but am reminding myself that I'm not even due yet...but since Friday, I've been feeling barfy/crampy/just plain awful, and I'm so sick of it. I am *not* getting out of my sweatpants today.

I'm being super strict about eating well in these last few weeks--tons and tons of protein and no sugar except for fruits...but darn it all, I just want a big plate of belgian waffles with maple syrup and like, a pound of butter. I'm not eating chicken for a year after this baby is born.
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Still here. Been barfy for three days. Now my prodromal contractions are wrapping around my back, too. But still no real action I'm so afraid that with all of this prodoromal stuff I'm going to have a 2 hour labor and
be left with my head spinning (watch it be like 30 hours! ).
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Still here! I was whining to dh yesterday how it feels like everyone in my ddc has had their baby but me with all the daily birth announcements. He said "cant you just be happy for them?" grrrrr of course I'm happy for them! He'll never understand lol
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my dreams last night were all about how "everybody" had predicted that today would be the day!

MonP'titBoudain--i'm right there with you! it's so crazy-making to have so many "false calls". i just feel so uncomfortable all the time. to be honest, i haven't had a single day this entire pregnancy when i *haven't* been nauseous, but it has gotten so much worse lately, plus all the ctx! every time i move i get a contraction and have had so many of those really deep, crampy ones, but nothing seems to be happening.

i'm not yet at 39 weeks, so it's not like i've gone "over" my edd, but somehow i was convinced she'd come super early . with ds he was already on the scene by now.

anyway, she'll come when she's ready, i just wish it were sooner rather than later!
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