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My EDD is Sunday/Monday (depending on who's counting!). I lost a big chunk of mucus plug yesterday and the rest seems to have been coming out all day today. Lots of cramping/BH and I generally feel like SOMETHING is happening...though who really knows. I really want to wait until my mom gets here--should be tomorrow, so after she arrives I'm going to get serious about trying to get things moving.
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39+5...due on Thursday...allegedly. This is baby #4, so i guess i took it to heart when everyone said that i would go "early"

But my mw's pointed out that my baby doesn't know she is the fourth! She needs just as much time to grow to be healthy as my last three (first two at 42 weeks on the dot, one induced at 39 weeks--and she had some catching up to do in my opinion. Should have waited for her to be done cooking!)

And the other thing (and this is only a personal philosophy...so i am sorry if this rubs on anyones religious sensitivities the wrong way) is that we really believe that the baby's soul comes from somewhere...it might be in limbo, just waiting, it might be in training somewhere learning how to teach my dh and i all the lessons we need to learn...or it could still be in the body of someone who is already loved by a family. It would be selfish of me to wish loss and mourning on another family just to relieve my backache and swollen ankles...no matter how much i want to hold my new little one and sniff her soft head.

That being said, doesn't mean that i am zen-like or peaceful every moment i have to wait. I had a good cry-fest the other night...just sobbed on my dh...convinced that it will never happen, that if it does, she will be too big to birth, that my body will be too shot and fatigued to go through labor...that i am already too sore, too tired, too swollen, too immobilized by pregnancy to actually DO labor successfully. He just let me bawl and rubbed my back (i think he was looking for the "off" switch)...but it relieved tension and i got a good nights sleep.

So, 2 days away from my 'due date" and still here! I'll have ctx for 4 or 5 hours sometimes, mostly about 2-3 minutes apart...and then they peter out and stop. So i am quite convinced that my body has ambition, but no follow-through. We'll see...my mw's assure me that no one has ever been pregnant forever!
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I'm 37 and 1/2 weeks and having a scheduled c-section next Thursday, the 20th (Spring Equinox)! Despite every possible attempt to turn Ruby Jo, we were not successful and come to find out that my amniotic fluid is low (6). I've accepted that I'm not going to labor this footling breech, but there is still a twinge of hope that she'll turn; especially after hearing everyone's beautiful birth stories. The focus now is that we'll have a baby in less than 9 days! I'm SO excited and can't wait to see her angelic face! I've had no contractions by the way, but my upper, right back has been killin' me! Other than that......I think I'd go past 40 weeks if I were to labor naturally.
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38 weeks here, still pregnant. Very tired of it.

My doc said they'd strip my membranes on Thursday if I wanted them to. I am debating it. In the meantime, I've been having chats with the kiddo and explaining that there's a lot more room to stretch outside of mommy's tummy, etc. Also been visualizing laboring, etc to maybe speed things along.

Could be a coincidence, but at one appointment, the baby was still very high up, no where near engaged, and I spent a week telling him/her to move down/engage/whatnot, and the very next appointment, baby was engaged at 0 station, and I was dilating and effacing. So we'll see.

I am starting to feel like I'm going to be pregnant forever.
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Still here, no signs of labor save severe insomnia, restless legs and lower back pain. I am also really tired. I am looking forward to laboring at this point.
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I'm 38w1d and still pregnant. I am 1.5 cm dialated, cervix is softening, and baby is floating. I'm hoping for this weekend, but I have a feeling baby wants to come late.
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39 weeks tomorrrow! No signs of labour--at least, none that I can fool myself into thinking are anything but imaginary. I alternate between wanting this baby OUT and cherishing my last 'time alone with DH' days, the peace and quiet etc... but the former seems to be winning out!
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Still here-39 w today!
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Still here, no progress, except baby is -1 station, so thats good! im due 7 days from today.
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I'm still pregnant! 40w 2d. Crampy, cranky, miserable. Swollen feet and ankles. Lost a bit of plug today and I have had more contractions today. Can't sleep, no comfortable positions in the world! She has dropped to the point it feels like she is hanging between my knees!!!
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Thanks for starting this thread.

I'm still here, almost 39 weeks. No real signs of our little girl making an appearance any time soon.

My mom flys in next week, I'd really love to have her a few days before or after she arrives. She's coming to run the kids ragged so I can lay in bed and nurse so if I don't have anyone to nurse that kind of defeats the purpose.
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Originally Posted by avasmomleigh View Post
I am loving reading all the birth announcements-they all make me cry this week!!

I am wondering how many of us in march 08 ddc are still pregnant??

Any early signs of labor??
STILL pregnant...I don't know if I've had any specific signs of labor but I just feel like things down there are changing...does that make sense?? LOL I gained a bunch of weight in the last couple weeks so I am hoping that's a sign of the baby's last growth spurt before pushing herself out. I would think she'd want to come out, it must be crowded in there! I don't have an hip pain and not much lower back pain but it feels the the weight of my entire body is resting on my pubic bone so every time I get up and walk around it hurts like hell and then there is the fact that every day my right leg only swells up so it looks like an elephant's foot
I'm finally showing though...I went to my monthly single parents meeting last night and someone said "well at least you're finally showing...you've been telling us all these months you were pregnant but I was starting to doubt it since you never showed" ROFL

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Still here at 40+5.

I had my membranes swept on Monday and have spent the last two days passing my plug, but still no contractions. I have little achey sore tight things going on so I'm hoping that I'm doing some of the work ahead of time. I was at 3cm when I left their office on Monday and have an ultrasound tomorrow. Maybe the midwife was just being positive when she said that she didn't think I'd make it to that appointment, but here's hoping she was right.

I like my three year old's grasp of the birds and the bees. He announced one morning that the way it would happen is that that a flower would come up and Genna would pop out of it.
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39+3 today. Baby seems very comfy. I have had a couple bouts of very regular strong contractions, but nothing that lasted. Guess my uterus is just keeping in shape. No other signs of impending labor other than baby being super low! My other babes were on time/a few days early so expecting this one to come any day now, but I guess I really shouldn't because she is on her own schedule, does not matter to her when her siblings arrived. TRYING hard to not be so impatient
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I'm still pregnant 40+4 wks now *sigh* getting lots of painful tightnings and pressure downstairs but still no sign. oh well he'll come when he comes i guess.
My mw is on holiday next wk so shes made an appointment at the hospital just to check me over if baby still hasn't come,I've already told her i'm wanting to avoid induction if possible but will accept monitoring so i can still have my home waterbirth.
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39+6 still here. But we are really hoping for tomorrow (our due date) because the 13th is sort of an important day in our house...long story. I know, i only have a 4% chance of having her then, but she has been engaged for a month now, my bottom feels like it falling out, i have several hours of ctx every day which are 3 minutes apart almost like clockwork...i can't sleep...can't sit...can't stand. I have literally gone into hibernation in my home b/c even the biggest of my maternity clothes no longer covers my belly...i'm down to sarongs and dresses (which are NOT gonna happen in 18 degree WNY weather!)

But, on the upside, my little one keeps poking her little baby-butt up in the air for me to pat...i pat twice, she wiggles twice. That is a fun game that will no longer happen after she is here. My family totally gives me first dibs on all the best snack foods (with a family of five-about-to-be-six, this is a luxury!) I never have to give up my spot on the sofa. After almost 10 months, the family has finally learned to pick stuff up off the floor BEFORE i noisily attempt to grunt and groan my way low enough to do it myself.

I guess there is still a lot to be grateful for and enjoy about being pregnant. i am pretty sure i can make it through today. We'll talk tomorrow, but i'm fairly certain i will make it through that day, too, if i have to!
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i'm 38 weeks. i've had tons of cxt, both bh and the deeper, crampier kind, but nothing that has formed any kind of pattern. my mw doesn't do internal exams, so i have no idea what my cervix is up to, but the baby's head is in my pelvis, for sure. she still moves around a lot (way more than ds ever did). i started getting more nauseous at about 33.5 weeks and i have some days when i can't keep anything down, so i'd love for her to come early just so i can feel like a human being again. i am mostly camped out on the couch, though the last few days i have gotten out for short walks which often result in more puking . i'm trying to let go of the idea of her coming early so i'm not on pins and needles all the time. at the same time, it's hard waiting when i feel so unbelievably crappy all the time . i know she'll come when she's ready and not any sooner!
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38 weeks tomorrow. Trying not to get impatient... Having a few practice contractions every few days... last Saturday I got my hopes up after having quite a few, but nothing. The mw says baby isn't engaged.
We have a busy weekend ahead, but honestly... I wouldn't mind skipping all the fun events and having a baby at this point.
I also discovered my husband's shirts. I'm kind of sick of maternity shirts, and I like the fact that his are actually long enough to cover my belly! I may just raid his closet for the next 'anytime' to four weeks! (very much hoping NOT four weeks, though...)
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Still here. I'm 38w5d. She's still squirming away in there. I've been losing pieces of my mucus plug for the last 5 days. Not even a hint of pink though. I thought I was losing fluid this last weekend and went in to get checked, but nope, everything is fine. I'm hoping the baby comes on the 21st. It's my mom's birthday and first day of spring and all that. But if she wants to come early, I sure wouldn't mind being able to lay down without my hips locking up .
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Still here, 38 weeks, I totally expected to still be pregnant in the middle of March, so no worries! I'm uncomfortable, but still hoping to hang onto this baby at least for the next week.

I have no signs of anything - barely a BH contraction to speak of, absolutely no discharge, no rising BP or anything.

I'd be happy to have an Easter baby. But not so happy to go more than a couple days over my due date.

MIL plans to come out around the first weekend in April, so if I go very early, it'll be a while before I have some extra help in the home. Again, another reason I'm not eager to get the baby out just yet. I'm just fine getting closer to my due date, tyvm!!

In the meantime, I'm working on some sewing projects and trying to fill my head with positive labor stories. And trying to get everyone in the house healthy. My SIL had her baby a few weeks ago, and both her younger boys had fevers - she was relieved to have a few days in the hospital to let them get better. I won't have that "luxury", since we're homebirthing!
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