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Another day, and still pregnant... 41w1d now. I actually thought I was going into labor last night, since I had somewhat stronger, evenly spaced (7 - 10 minutes apart) cx for several hours last night... but they went away at bedtime as usual.

I am actually feeling less stressed about it - I am trying to accept that the baby will come when it is ready and I just have to be patient; and that my body is giving the baby the best possible start by giving him or her this extra time. It's hard when just last night I was thinking I'd be holding my baby in the next 24 hours, and now I don't know when it will be, but does another day or two make a big difference? I waited a long time already.

1hautemama, I hope this is it! And Jokerama, I hope you go into labor really really soon... and good luck to all the other overdue mamas too.
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I think I might be in labor.

I woke up and had to use the bathroom shortly before 7am today. When I got back in bed, I felt almost wide awake - TOTALLY unusual for me at that time of day. After several minutes, I had a rather strong contraction. Also unusual - most of the time my contractions have been strong-ish only in the evening. I had another one or two before DH left for work an hour later.

I got up just after DH left for work and scrounged up some food for the kids. Used the bathroom again...this time, I noticed bloody show. Went back to my bed to lay down and ponder all of this, and had a couple more contractions before I got up again.

Long story short: From about 7am - 10am, I've gone to the bathroom at least six times to "check", and there has been bloody show each time. I've had contractions about 15-20 minutes apart, generally nice strong ones. Even when I've been up and walking around, or taking a shower, etc. Plus I had this general sense of crampiness, like my bowels want to empty out.

I called and gave heads up to Jesse, the midwife, and my friend who is planning on doing childcare for me.

We went to the chiropractor, as I was scheduled for an adjustment anyway. She did the normal adjustment, but also went ahead and hit some accupressure points on my feet as well, that might encourage labor.

Had a couple contractions on the 10-15 minute drive home. Used the bathroom again, and yup (TMI), bowels are definitely loose. I've had several contractions since then, surely closer together than 15 minutes.

So unless this baby is a born practical joker, I'm thinking labor has started.
DH is now home for lunch and I'm going to start timing these things for real, instead of having just a vague idea of when I'm having contractions. I haven't decided whether I'll let DH go back to work or not.
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Oh that's soo exciting Leiahs I'm hoping that it's the real deal and I'm sending you ELV's!!

I'm still around 41w 4d. I've got some emotional stuff to deal with right now and I'm feeling like the baby isn't going to come until I rectify my home situation. (my mom is here right now, she was supposed to be here to help me after the birth and now I'm feeling like my little nest is just turned upside down and all around. Also I've totally come to realize that I really just want it to be me and my DH at the birth so how do I tell my mom that I don't want here to be here?? It's so hard!! I don't want to hurt her feelings but I'm scared if I let her stay I'm going to be impeding on my labour) Ugh, wish me luck.
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Still pregnant, labor stalled--AGAIN!

Ugh! 41+4 I just wanna meet my babe so bad... I have an appointment with the acupuncturist tomorrow afternoon, but I am hoping to go into labor before then. I've been on/off the breast pump all day, took a long walk around the neighborhood, and hula hooped w/ a 3 pound hula hoop (DH got a good laugh watching me do that).

Barefootmystic, I totally hear you about needing the privacy. DH and I will be the only ones there for our LO's birth (UC). Stick to your guns if this is how you feel in your heart. Grandma will have to get over it, and if she tries to force the issue, have your DH (or perhaps your dad?) enforce the boundaries. This is much too intimate and important event in your family's lives to compromise. I hope it works out well for you all, and happy birthing.
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1 hautemama - I was hoping to log on this morning to find you had given birth! You must be close with all those contractions... sending labor vibes your way...

41w2d for me. Starting to feel like I will be pregnant forever. The mw is bringing over some evening primrose oil today, maybe that will help. I've had hardly any cx in the last 24 hours and am feeling discouraged . If I get to 42w I will have to visit our backup OB for testing, and I really don't want to deal with that - I wanted to stay away from conventional medical people. At least (according to our mw) this ob is pretty relaxed about going postdates, as long as the baby looks good.
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Well, mamas, I'm still here. For those of you who are chomping at the bit to have your babies (who isn't?), the breast pump brought on MONSTER contractions, but no baby. Hope some of you have better luck, they really felt promising! Today puts me at 41 and 5...Starting to feel as thought this is just my reality, with no deviation. Tomorrow I will wake up pregnant, and the next, and the next.

Today is my appointment with the acupuncturist. We'll see how that goes.
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40 wks 5 days. Not so far past the edd as some of you ladies, but this is my longest pregnancy by almost 2 weeks. Babies active as ever... keeps me up at night. Then the kids get up... so I'd really like a little more sleep. Like that'll happen after the lo is here.
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Originally Posted by 1hautemama View Post
..Starting to feel as thought this is just my reality, with no deviation. Tomorrow I will wake up pregnant, and the next, and the next.
Sigh, me too. I am glad to not be alone, but our numbers are dwindling...

(Congratulations to Leiahs! )
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Should we change are sigs?
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