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Wonderoos is a one-sized pocket diaper that is lined with suedecloth instead of fleece. Since I have 2 kids in pocket diapers, I thought I would give them a try. I would definitely say that they have a small fit but since I have small kids, they work out great! The suedecloth works really well at keeping them dry and no poopy leaks out of the legs yet, which I definitely can't say for FB! Overall these are awesome diapers and I hope to get more soon.
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I Purchased some Wonderoos to try a couple of months ago and am still so tickled with them. They have worked wonderful for my little guy and probably have been very instrumental in keeping me CDing. I basically started out with FB and have slowly weaned those out of my system to have these as my main CD system. The best thing about them is they are not as tempermental as some pocket dipes can get with repelling and the inner suede cloth is soft and washes and looks well.
Customer Service has been wonderooful
I have asked Jess ( WAHM Creator of Wonderoos) questions and she is prompt to reply and very informative.

I have ordered these from Kim (Montana's Diaper Store) and Michelle ( Precious Beginnings Diapers and things)
And both have been quick shipping and very very helpful.

Kudo to Wonderoos
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I really like the Wonderoos. The suedecloth keeps my baby very dry, and being onesize, they are very economical. Workmanship is very high quality.

There are a couple things that could probably be improved, or maybe it's just my baby. She's 10 pounds and I can't seem to get a tight fit around her thighs. As a result, if she's on her side and pees, it comes right out the leg hole. If she's on her back, the Wonderoo works really great. I've stuffed them with everything from prefolds to hemp stuffers and still can't get a good fit around the thighs.

I wish they could design it so that you can adjust the thigh and waist separately. I regret this problem because otherwise it's a great product.

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I have 6 wonderoos and have been happy with their quality. The suedecloth is thin and doesn't seem overly hot like fleece sometimes is. And it wicks great. We haven't had a poop leak yet, which is always a concern with ebf kiddos.

I have to be careful how I put them on her when they're on the largest setting, since the snaps tend to press into her skin around the legs. But that's a small concern.

I do think they run on the small size. DD is 18 pounds right now and pretty close to the largest setting. I can't see how they would fit a 35 lb baby as they are advertised to do.
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I have a few wonderoos, they are made very well. Customer service is great, there was a minor issue with one of my diapers and I contacted Jessica to ask her a few questions, she emailed me back quickly and addressed my concerns. She also replaced a diaper that had a minor flaw no questions asked.

The suedecloth at first seemed to hold a stain but the next time through the washer it was gone and I haven't had a stain since. Wonderoos work great at night, I haven't had a leak yet. They are also trim for a pocket diaper!

I like the elastic at the back of the pocket, it's tight and doesn't allow leakage back out like some other pocket diapers I have tried. It's a bit tricker to stuff because the pocket is more narrow but once you get used to it, it's not a problem. And if it prevents leakage it's worth it to me.

I haven't tried this on a small baby, they fit ok on my 10 month old and I hope they fit her for awhile .
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We were initially a FB household, but I heard such rave reviews about Wonderoos that I bought 2 to try. I love the colors, how well-made they are, the suedecloth inner, and the fact that the back pocket opening is completely lined with elastic so it doesn't gap.

Unfortunately, I just couldn't get a good fit on my 4-month-old daughter and ended up selling them almost immediately. If I left the leg openings big enough for her chunky thighs there was no way to cinch up the waist small enough, and it always wanted to gap. And even though she has a long rise for her age (so I didn't need to snap it down) it seemed like there was a lot of poofy fabric left over at the back and sides. I was really disappointed! So, we are back to FBs and other types of diapers that have separate snaps for leg and waist.
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Wonderoos are the only pocket diapers we use! They are great! I love that they are a one-size-fits-all. That makes them very economical. I like the suedecloth inner, too, as it doesn't pill up like microfleece does. I use Wonder-Full inserts as stuffers and the result is a nice, trim diaper -- perfect for under clothes!
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I had one of these gifted to me by a very dear friend. I have a white wonderoos and I LOVE IT!!!
It is a great pocket diaper..I love the snaps and the wings. I am a great lover of pockets and this one rocks!!!!
There are no red marks, no wing droop and NO leaks!!!!
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i have 1 wonderoo and plan on buying more it fits great and my dd is 14 months and will still room to grow in them and shes like 23lbs
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I love these! I wish I had found them earlier. We are 33 to 34 lbs and just pushing the limits on size. The suede cloth washes clean and they fit so trim. If only they went up one more size!
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We love our Wonderoos - we have 18! They are a great value and very well sewn. I did have a problem with one diaper, but Jessica replaced it! Thanks!
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So far I have really liked my Wonderoo. I like the color and it is well made. But ds is 30lbs and just barely fits in it. We are having another baby this spring and I can't wait to use it then.
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I'm crazy about my Wonderoos!
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Not my favorite pocket diaper, although it is a plus that they are one size. I agree that they don't look as though they will fit to 35 pounds. I bought mine second hand, I would not want to pay full price for these, they are a tad pricey IMO.
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I really really liked these on dd from 14-24 lbs they were trim and I loved the suedecloth and the snapdowns. But she has a very high rise and they began to give her red marks - she just "rose" out of them. I was sad to give them up, and really enjoyed them, but now I wonder if any well-cut medium would have done the job...? I would recommend them if you have a slender babe with low rise and smallish booty - not like my ddd!
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I had major leak problems with them. The pee would flow right out the leg openings. I sold them to a friend who has not had any problems with them at all. I think that some babies just don't fit these well and others do. The product itself is a great idea and the quality seemed good, too.
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I have 12 Wonderoos and love them. DD has been wearing them since she was five months and they still look brand new.
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We use wonderoos stuffed with 2-3 joeys and a microfiber towel for night time and they work great.

I use them for both my 13mo and my 3 1/2yo and they fit both well. I love the one sized design they fits both kiddos. Helps me streamline my stash!

Two thumbs up!
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I have 10 wonderoos purchased from Naturalbabies. These are a really great pocket diaper. Both of my kids have used them. My DD since about birth and my DS as a toddler. The suedecloth stays new looking, and doesnt stain easily. THey are pretty trim with the right size insert.

My only drawback was finding an insert. We had quite a few leaks before I figured out what I could and couldnt put in it, though I think that goes for all pocket dipes!
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I have 20 wonderoos and they are the base of my stash!

Economical- Ian has been wearing them since birth and Gracie wore them from 20-26 months before she potty learned. I am curious to see if Ian will be able to wear them til he PL's cause he is a much bigger kid than Gracie is.

Cute- I like the colors!

Customer Service- I had an issue with the elastic in 7 diapers totally losing all spring after about 5 months. Jessica replaced them all no questions asked. It was really nice.

Very dry- My kids just don't have rash issues, period. The wonderfuls inserts are awesome. I far prefer the terry to the hemp though, it seems to be less damp.

Snaps- You sometimes have to do a lot of fanagaling around to get a good fit and some of the snaps don't always work right, like they don't stay closed.

Leaking- Not always, but I do seem to have leaking issues if they are not really really snug at night. Also if you over stuff them they will leak (this is probably an issue with all pocket diapers though.

New Design- I do not like the new design at all. The pocket is not at the seam of the diaper but down a bit. It's not as easy to remove the insert when it is dirty and it also leaves the bottom exposed to the inside of the diaper if it is not just right. I really think they should go back to the old design.

Over all:

These are very nice diapers and they work very well. If you want Fuzzi Bunz but don't have the money to replace them every time you need a new size these are a great option.
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