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The POSTABLE challenge-- join me! Update #62 - Page 2

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Originally Posted by LionTigerBear View Post
Good luck!

Hey, let's all try to remember to be kind and patient with our families as we work on our spring clean projects! (Don't know what made me think of that . . . )
great reminder

got the clothes sorted and now off to sew!
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Originally Posted by rupestur View Post
My science experiments were about to eat me. I've been avoiding it for weeks but the smell was killing me!

Does anyone else ever find it almost disconcerting to have a day where you have tons of energy and run around like a crazy woman? Today, I've cleaned out the fridge (including scrubbing all the stinky tupperware, tossing old condiments and such, and scrubbing the whole inside of the fridge), taken an entire carload to the dump (we don't have trash pickup), done about 4 loads of laundry and actually put it away, along with the usual mommy stuff like giving the baby a bath, and lots of other little random things.

I'm a little worried that this is one of those things that lead me to sit around for another several months. I'm like SuperLady today. WTF! I mean, it rules, but WHY???
Totally butting in to this thread, because I want to say, can we have a thread on this issue? Ay yi yi. I know from whence you come.
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How's everyone doing?

Things get so messy around here on weekends! It seems to be as much as I can do to try to just keep up with the mess as it's being made. Still, I feel really good about what overall progress I've made.
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Originally Posted by LionTigerBear View Post
How's everyone doing?
I've deviated from my schedule, just staying flexible with my kids in tow. Got most of the yard work/ outside cleaning done. All of the clothes have been sorted and bagged for Goodwill. And the green room is almost finished being decluttered.

Tomorrow I'll try to get more sewing finished and finish spring cleaning the green room and get the hall closet decluttered and organized.

I do understand what you mean about messy weekends. My kitchen has exploded with dirty dishes!

Hope everyone is having success!
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I remember those photos on your blog! Your apartment DID look GREAT! You can do it again.

I am oh, so slowly working on this.

Right now I have two containers of cookie cutters I need to sort through ( I don't even BAKE cut out cookies! I've done it TWICE, but I own a bajillion cookie cutters! )

I have a pile of clothes I pulled out of my closet to get rid of, but I set them on a chair...still deciding on whether or not to let go of a few things...and I need to make up my mind and either put the few items back in the closet or let them go. Or at least get the things off the chair that I KNOW I want to get rid of.

I could make one more run through the upstairs ( hit the hutches, clean out the kitchen cabinets again, make a small effort to get the boys to tidy up their closets/drawers, and make another run through my closet/drawers.)

The basement...it's BAD! It's WORSE than it was when I started decluttering. Dh says he'll help me, but he doesn't have time right now. I need to get a space cleared out down there to work, then do what I can on my own. I am also afraid of the spiders down there.

I have a decluttering blog, but I haven't posted on it in nearly a month! :

Thanks for the inspiration to continue.

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P.S. I have a packrat husband and ds#2 is a collector...

Ds#1 has basement boxes to go through, too. I am thinking about just sealing them with his name on them, stacking them...and letting him sort through them when he gets his first real apartment and they go WITH him when he moves out.

I am a reformed/reforming packrat.

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things have been going pretty well here, not superawesomegreat but decent. i have been working on my desk in the day time (in the main area of the house) so that i can work on my bedroom at night (something i have to do by myself so kids have to be in bed for me to do it). i am trying to use my time wisely (it's something i am having to learn ) so while i am sitting at my desk in the morning for an hour drinking my coffee and coming to life i should/could/am decluttering my desk since i am sitting here anyway kwim. also could work on teh kitchen/living room while kids are up, so i need to do that, and remember to keep doing it lol. i am used to do most all of my work at night after they go to bed but i am realizing that in order to stay on my little time schedule i must get stuff done in the day time as well as night. so, anywho, on that note i should get busy. i have to say it's kind of fun/exciting getting rid of stuff, i just wish there were a couple more hours in the day or a little bit more moments when the 3 and 5 yr old weren't fighting so much that i can't get anything done : .
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I had to search for this thread so I guess you have all been busy rather than posting here . I haven't been so good. My ds has been sick and clingy, and now I feel like I am coming down with it. Today I will really work on the living room. Clean up the furniture, pick up the rug and see what sort of scary stuff has worked its way under there, start on decluttering my bills/paperwork area.

My local LLL is taking donations for a yard sale fundraiser so I am going to see what I can get rid of. I am more motivated when I have a deadline rather than just dropping things off at the thriftshop whenever.
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My progress has been slow but continuous. I am having trouble feeling motivated and just keeping up with the daily mess that is created seems daunting enough. :P
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I might be in! I'll try my best. My problem is that I get one room under control, and then another one gets screwed up in the meantime.
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Originally Posted by nichole View Post
I might be in! I'll try my best. My problem is that I get one room under control, and then another one gets screwed up in the meantime.
Ya know!?!?!? Seriously!

I think it was easier last year because I was wearing my baby. Now he's a crazy 16mo and along with the 3yo, yikes, what a mess they can make!!!

Still, that said, I got the living room done today, all except for the closet which is not too bad but needs to b reorganized slightly, so, that's really good. The kitchen has been mostly reorganized and decluttered, except for that one basket of stuff, now it just needs to be SCRUBBED. I have a few regular everyday chores to do, too, since yesterday was a busy day and I got kind of behind. On my list today:

* wash dishes
* wash the windows and the window sills
* scrub the walls in the hall and as needed in the bedroom
* sweep in the hall and bedroom
* change and launder the linens in the bedroom
* put away a bunch of laundry and I still need to do some reorganizing and decluttering with the clothes
* vacuum and straighten up the laundry room

I don't know that I'll get to all of this today but I'll see what I can do.

And of course by the time I get back to the living room, it'll have been destroyed already!
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we kicked butt on saturday, and then i got horribly sick. i owe you photos of my front porch (formerly filled with cardboard and random junk) and my bedroom (formerly filled with laundry, trash, and i don't even know what else). even my closet is AWESOME!

we got rid of a lot of furniture just by putting it outside with a "free" sign and posting a "curb alert" on craigslist - the glider/rocker and ottoman, two dressers, a sewing table, the infant car seat, a set of tv trays . . . i don't even know what else, plus we made several trips to the goodwill to drop off boxes and bags of STUFF.

i am still getting back to normal, and now dh & ds2 are getting it, so i'll see what i can do about photos. not making any promises!
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YAYYYY! I am on a ROLL today!!! Another couple of days like this one and I'll be done! Um, I guess I need to get in gear about finding a replacement cord for my digital camera . . . can't take pictures without that.
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fabulous, i'm in!
i'll be posting bit by bit to flickr.

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alright things are going good, almost done w/my bedroom, and i'm about to go spend three hours finishing it up. will work on teh living room tomarrow which mostly consists of organizing the kid books and decluttering a bunch of mine (and putting ones i am more interested in thier place). also vacuum under and in the couches and dust. and wash window, AGAIN : lol. might rearrange but i doubt it, there is so little space that it's pretty much impossible to arrange it any other way and have it still make sense/look ok. oh, need to scrub dh's shower and actually his whole bathroom, and declutter the top of teh fridge.
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LADIES, how's it goin'?! i'm sorry i majorly owe pics. my poor babe (the older one) was puking and pooping, wednesday right on through sunday. i will really try to get in there and take photos of my porch tonight. it's not pretty, but it's CLEAN and decluttered. my friend is coming over again friday morning (my birthday) to help me knock out some more of my crap. i'm thinking about getting a dumpster. should i do it?
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the dumpster has been ordered and will be here on thursday. excellent. $135 well spent.
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still plugging along over here with the decluttering. Our company and come and gone. The house wasn't perfect but manageable and hopefully I will finish everything by next Wednesday when we leave for Arkansas.

glad to hear everyone is still going strong!
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slow + steady. i've decluttered my desk and now need to attend to the shelves above it and the disaster below it

i'm doing seasonal decluttering and i am suffering from toy-induced anxiety. i've been putting together some storage for toys but mostly i need to plan it out. it is completely overwhelming. i hope to put together a system that can be maintained.

will post something asap!

dumpster, what a great thing to do on your birthday! i love renewing things on mine.

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