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Double thumbs WAY up for Jennifer at Emibeans!

I ordered 6 premium CPF's, 6 flannel/terry wipes and 3 snappi's. Service could NOT have been better, the wipes are perfectly made and SO cute, great selection and wonderful service.

One small problem with the CPF's, I was sent toddler's instead of premiums, silly me had already thrown them in the washer and dried them before I realized they weren't going to shrink THAT much. I contacted Jennifer when I realized the mistake figuring since I had already washed the toddlers (totally my fault) that there was no way to exchange them but I wanted her to know so she wasn't off in her stock (selling something she 'thought' she still had), and basically just to let her know. She was wonderfully gracious about the mix up, and told me not to worry about having washed them to just keep them and she sent out the premiums too! I couldn't believe it, it was SO sweet and way above and beyond the level of service I expected. The new premiums arrived today and she also included a pack of table covers for the baby (when eating on yucky surfaces) it was so very nice of her!

Anyway thumbs way up, I would have only expected an offer for exchange of unwashed product, but she went way beyond my expectations and blew me away. Thanks again to Emibeans and I highly recommend them, I will do business there again for sure!
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I LOVE everything I got from EmiBeans. I highly recommend this WAHM. Very very friendly and wonderful quality products. Thanks!
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I love Jennifer too!! She is friendly, fast, and does awesome work!
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Jennifer at Emibeans is wonderful! Fast shipping, fast and friendly e-mails and outstanding customer service!

Two thumbs way, WAY up!!!!!

Thanks Jennifer!
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I ordered two rainbow sherpa doublers and two hemp doublers from Jennifer. Shipping was fast, and I was delighted to see she'd thrown in a couple of free wipes. Now you must understand I've never actually seen or used a "premium" wipe. I've got the cheapo washcloths from Gerbers. I loved the wipes so much, I went back and ordered the Grab Bag from her. I got 12 wonderful wipes in varied patterns and fabrics. PLUS her current special MDC offer is to throw in 6 free ones, so I got 18 premium wipes for less than $8. I thought that was super!

The rainbow sherpa doublers are so pretty they are fun to use, and they are a great daytime doubler for us. Unfortunately, the hemp ones didn't meet my needs: they were too thin and too small. This was NOT her fault - her website clearly stated how many layers and the dimensions, I just should have realized I needed more. When I wrote to give her feedback on my order, she went and added a free extra-long hemp doubler to my wipes order to make up for my first couple hemp doublers not being exactly what I wanted. Even though it was not at all her fault.

Now THAT is customer service!!

I will keep going back to Emi Beans for my diapering needs whenever possible. Fast shipping, great prices, quality workmanship. What more could you ask for?
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*blissfully wonderful wipes*
cute patterns, good size, so soft!

came so quickly

incredible customer service!
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Jennifer is wonderful! I posted a thread looking for Medium HH and she sent me a discount code. I bought 3 since that was all I could afford. One has been giving me grief, so I posted a thread about it and she PMed me to see what she could do! She told me to send the defective one back to her ( she even offered to send paypal to cover shipping!) And she told me to "go shopping" for another one! What a wonderful WAHM! Thanks!!!!!
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Huge rave for Emi Bean's!!

Jennifer was so nice and shipped super fast. She had awesome prices and low shipping. She also included a very nice gift as a result of doing the diaper hunt and even a little something extra I wasn't expecting.

I would definitely order from her again!
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We love Emi Beans! The customer service was just so excellent and she went out of her way to make us happy. She has such a great selection of products and even sent me some free playsilks. How great it that? I will totally get everything from her for now on
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I love ordering from Emibeans. It is one of my favorite sites to shop at. Her shipping is always super fast and her communication is excellent. Hands down one of the best cloth diaper sites to go to.
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Lovely Wipes...

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I just ordered 2 kissaluv fitteds, 2-6pk swaddlebee prefolds, 1 snappi, and 1 swaddlebee fleece cover from this site because of all of the super positive feedback... !!! Thanks for putting it up here, (I'll come back to rave about it, when I get my package !!!)
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Originally Posted by mommaToThree View Post
I just ordered 2 kissaluv fitteds, 2-6pk swaddlebee prefolds, 1 snappi, and 1 swaddlebee fleece cover from this site because of all of the super positive feedback... !!! Thanks for putting it up here, (I'll come back to rave about it, when I get my package !!!)
Okay, I'm back !!!
Shipping was fast (ordered friday, arrived monday morning USPS)
Everything was there, plus she threw in 2 wipes and a emibeans pen !!!

I went back today (yes, it's still monday) and ordered
=a dozen wipes
=2 MORE kissaluv contour's
=1 Kissaluv fitted (yellow)
=1 6pack of swaddlebee's prefolds ((one size smaller))
=1 Swaddlebees snap pocket diaper (with organic velour!!!)

Plus I don't know if it's always or just for now, but if you order is over $50 the shipping is free !!!!
I think this site is the best !!!!
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I haven't ordered from Emibeans yet, but I heard such great things about it, that I had to check it out, even though I live in Canada and its an American site. Usually shipping and currency exchange just isn't worth shopping across the border, but she has so many great things and her shipping is so reasonable, I am making up my wish list now! Especially after reading this thread too!
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