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105.2 fever - no other symptoms

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My DD has a 105.2 fever. She's not delirious but she is sick - cough, sneezing, sniffling etc.. I've never dealt with a fever this high. I'm all for not medicating but at what point do you give in and give some motrin? We've tried baths, popsicles etc.. but, it's not budging.
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I've never tried this before but my ND said you an give them an enema (I know, sounds weird) and it should take the fever down a couple degrees. In fact, let me search around for a link and post it.... in a sec
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Is she otherwise known to be healthy? If yes, then I would just watch for dehydration and make sure she gets plenty to drink/eat and rest. I would also at some point consider having her seen if it lasts more than a couple of days at that temp. Or if she develops concerning symptoms: like a headache.
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Thank you! We just did another round of popsicles in a tepid bath and she's at 104.3 now.

She's generally so healthy. She never gets fevers like this. With my oldest - if she gets a fever, you can count on it going up to 103 - 104ish but with my 4.5 yo, she's never been higher than 101.5 that I can remember.
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Remember, usually as long as the temp is not over 106.7F for several hours, it's very unlikely to result in brain damage. There are some nasty viruses going around right now.

I hope she gets better quickly.
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Hi again,
NAK Ok, the enema info was in the winter 2007 journal of www.westonaprice.org but unfortunately, the journal is not available on-line yet. So I'll try to remember what it said in the hard-copy I read. You can put the child in a cool bath and then gently do an emema (as per instructions on package I guess) -my kids prob. wouldn't let me do that -- Also, even though fasting is great, a fever can also be lowered after eating, it said -- like homemade chicken broth. Also, what about homeopathic? Belladonna or something?
Well wishes!
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Are you taking it with a thermascan? They tend to read high. I do not treat a tempt. until it gets above 104. then motrin, a warm...not hot, not cold bath with only about 2 inches of water and lots of splashing fun. The brain does not start to cook until 107+

Watch for dehydration, pain, and more than 24 hours, I would take my kiddo in.

My oldest just had mycroplasmic pneumonia... complete with 105.7 temp WITH motrin on board. He looked like a dead fish. It was scary, but he is fine now. The reason why I mention it.. it started with a high fever for no apparent reason.

Good luck and I hope your little one feels better soon.
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How is dd today? I hope better!
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Thank you so much for asking. Her fever broke at around 4am and so far today - no fever. She's super congested, gunky, coughing etc.. but the fever is gone. Thanks so much for your help!
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