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Since I have given birth on 12-07-07 I have a looming nagging fear of death. I often wake up at night with this fear and end up having panic attacks. I never felt this way before, just now after I gave birth to my daughter. I feel anxious and nervous and find it hard to fall asleep sometimes. Is this PPD??
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IMHO, yep.
I've never had irrational fears before PPD. Now I think about how no one has died in a long time so isn't it about time? Each time the phone rings at an odd hour I get a sinking feeling. And I think about all sorts of what ifs associated with death. I can't stand it. I definitely associate it with PPD. I've just started taking SAMe and Inositol for PPD and am thinking this, along with some other things I'm doing, ought to help me get back to normal. SAMe was recommended by my family doctor for PPD as it is supposed to help restore a positive outlook on life. I read about Inositol here in this forum. If I were you I'd read through the forum, do your research, and pick a path to balance that feels right for you. Some thoughts I had regarding your situation is Tension Tamer tea (Celestial Seasonings). If you make a fairly strong batch and drink some before bed it might help the night fears. Also, there is a homeopathic called Stress Mints that can really help calm down excess anxiety. I just found out about these from a schizophrenic friend who says these two things really help his anxiety and paranoia. Just some thoughts...hope you find what works for you very soon
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