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Let me get this straight.

Because *some* women *might* use this product without personal professional guidance, the paraphenalia to aid/help with breastfeeding problems should be denied to all women who don't have contact with aforementioned breastfeeding professionals.

This is supposed to improve things how?

I am all for cups, syringes, syringe attachments, SNSes and all things of that nature being freely available. Why? Because not everyone can afford a frikkin' lactation consultant (or they may not have ready bus access the way that many Target stores do). Not everyone can spare the time for an extra appointment. Not everyone has access to a professional. Perhaps the one they DO have access to is a real jerk. (Happened to me once or twice in the hospital with the twins, luckily I was able to blow her off because I knew what I was doing. I would not have wanted her to earn any extra $$ from me!)

Seems to me this IS a trust issue. The weight being thrown to professionals disturbs me. If someone is reasonable well-educated about breastfeeding, then they know that nipple shields are not to be used lightly. That is screamed ad nauseum in just about every breastfeeding book I've ever read. So, my first thought would be that women who buy the things at Target *must have a reason to do so* and it's not because they're stupid or uninformed.

Target sells pacifiers, johnny-jump-ups, swings, bouncy chairs, and infant bucket seats too, which some might equivocate to child abuse/severe impediments to bonding. Yet there's no high moral outrage that they'll sell them there! Seems to me the outrage should be directed towards Medela, not Target. But you know, Medela is in it to make a buck too. Maybe they want to cut out the middleman, I dunno.

For the record, I've never had to use any breastfeeding aid, even though they were pushed at me with the boys. I ignored the LC's sage advice and tossed the toys into the garbage. We did just fine. I'm lucky, my kids have all been born knowing how to nurse and nursing easily--and the "professional" advice I was given could have really screwed it up for us. Therefore, I can easily see things happening the other way, where an LC is dead set against the use of those tools and is dead wrong too.

Therefore, I'd want free access. That way if I get someone who puts their vision of how things should be above listening to me even if it goes against they typical way of doing things, I can still get what I need when I need it. Medela's good about providing nice inserts, I don't see why they couldn't just do the same thing in the shield packaging and call it good.
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It can be very hard to accept that something we have always believed to be bad has now been found to be good. But it is my understanding that one of LLL's goals is to stay always up to date on new research and get that info out to mothers...if LLL has seen fit to change their stance on nipple shields then it must have been for good reason. Here is a link to an article summarizing why LLL has changed its stance. If nipple shields truly can help mothers breastfeed when otherwise they may not have (which I now believe) than it is good that they are being made more readily available. http://www.lalecheleague.org/llleade...ebMar03p3.html
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I guess I'm working on outdated information.

I do not equate nipple shields with nipple shells, Lansinoh, SNS systems, etc.

I guess I should do more research on the benefits and safety of this item.

Sorry to all those I've offended highly. I had no idea sheilds were so great and there were little (no?) risks involved.

I still will not recommend them to my clients as a norm. I've worked with women with inverted nipples, flat nipples, etc., and have not had to use them. I suppose if I cannot help a woman without them, then I will refer them to a LC that can help them with them.

Thanks, Tina, for the link. It has helped.
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I just thought I'd let you know that I for one was not offended by your reaction...I had a hard time accepting the change in stance at first...but the more i thought about it the more I realized that I do trust LLL and the information they provide. It's kind of funny to look back at the oldest copies of the Womanly Art and see other instances in which they had changed their stance, I'm sure it was hard for women to accept those changes too.
BTW - I appreciate your passion!
I'm glad the link helped.
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I took no offense at the opinion that nipple shields carry risks and should only be used with extreme caution. I still agree with that, even after reading the article.

The only thing that I found offensive was the idea that I should not be allowed to buy one unless I'm under the care of a LC. I should be allowed to make my own decision.

I still think the language on the packaging should be changed, even after reading the article.
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