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I'm taking RRL at just under 2,000mg daily and EPO orally at 1,000mg daily right now. I'm planning an HBAC and am 35 weeks pregnant. I know I grow larger babies, and I want to make sure that I don't go much passed my due week, if at all. I just read about malpositioning and larger babies being more prone to this. Also, women with SPD. I have both. I'm seeing a chiropractor, and should know more about the positioning of my babe next week. I know neither of these supplements will induce and I don't really want to do that. I'm just wondering how much of a dose I should end up doing to help me along and during labor. Also, I'm debating whether I should start the EPO vaginally at 36 weeks. I'm trying to limit vaginal exams, and I'm wondering if inserting those daily will be contradictory to that.
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Hi there

I just vbaced and also have a history of big babies who like to go late (I also have a genetic family tendency to carry babies long)

I did EPO from 30 weeks orally and from 36 week vaginally (I had only one vaginal exam during this pregnancy when I had my GBS)...I also drank RRL infusions my whole pregnancy (from day 1) and increased my intake dramatically at 36 weeks...

My baby girl was born perfect in every way at 39 w 5 days (the shortest pregnancy in my family for generations) and she came from my vagina...pretty freaking cool if you ask me and I attribute it in part to EPO and RRL...my doc referred to my cervix as very soft when he did the vaginal at 36 weeks and it was very stretchy during my labor...
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That's great to know! Do you know how many mg you were taking of each of the supplements. How many did you take vaginally? Were you worried about causing GBS through the vaginal inserts?
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I was infusing the RRL with bulk herb from www.pacificbotanicals.com

I was drinking a few cups a day in my first and second trimester and by the third I was drinking at least 1.5 liters a day...essentially I would drink RRL to thirst till 2 or 3 pm...

In terms of EPO...I was taking at 36 weeks 2000 mg 2x a day orally and 2000mg vaginally...

no I was not at all worried about GBS...but I also did a ton of work around my first birth experience and needed to not be in a fear based place so I was not worried about much...

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