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Do I really have to supplement with formula?

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Everyone keeps saying that eventually, when dd is older, I'll have to supplement with formula while she's eating solids. I'm very opposed to formula (sorry...I know that there are absolutely cases where its necessary, etc) and I really really don't want her to get a single drop. Do I have to eventually supplement, or if I practice CLW and she goes for a few years, is that okay?

I guess what I'm asking is, what's the cutoff age where, if she should wean herself, do I not have to supplement her?
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1 year. And no, you never need to supplement. If you absolutely NEED to supplement (health reason, that sort of thing) then under a year. Even if you ff, you would be told to wean at 1 year. Reasons escape me.
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Unless you are experiancing supply failure or other suplly issues - there should be no reason to supplement her with formula - no matter what her age. You will have no reaons to supplement unles there is a physiological problem.

thats insane - who are these people who are telling you this? perhaps they do not realize that your body makes as much milk as your child demands. Just becasue you feed an older child solids does not mean that your boobs stop working. If anythign you may choose to give plain water in a sippy cup during table food "meals".

I nursed my ODD untill she was 13 months old (at which point I did hit a supply issue - I dried up completley i the midst of severe hyperesmisis in m y2nd pregnancy). And I NEVER supplemented her with formula.
My YDD nursed untill this January -27 months old. No formula.
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* when I say "no matter what her age" I am automatically assuming that you will be BFing on demand for at least a year.
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I've had four children and none have ever had a drop of formula.

If you would wean her before a year, then you would have to give formula. But it doesn't sound like you're planning on doing that, and barring any sort of medical catastrophe, it's highly unlikely she'll wean herself before a year.

You're doing great, mama. Don't listen to the naysayers!
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You know, part of the issue is that I am feeding dd from one side exclusively and it's hard for people to believe I could nourish an older baby.

Gah, people.
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I've been nursing my daughter for 29 months today (yay!) and I never needed to use formula.
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Yeah, there is no WAY I will wean her until she's ready. I've worked really hard to bf and I intend to stick with it. Heck, some of the time I wish I never had to give her solids.
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When I was pregnant with DS a few friends told me to hold on to any of the free formula I could get because it was so expensive, and "everyone has to supplement" They BF'd they knew I was going to BF, but they also thought that eventually everyone would need to supplement once in a while.

When DS was 5 months old I realized they just said those things to make themselves feel better about CHOOSING to use formula. I donated the 5 or 6 cans of formula I had to a shelter, My DS never had formula, it was never needed. My DD is 6.5 months old and barring some medical emergency she will never need formula.
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Here's another nursed four babes and nary a drop of formula mommy! Ya don't need it and ya won't. If you are providing enough now, you'll provide enough in the future! I say, get some cotton for your ears and ignore those people!!!!

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absolutley not. i'm very proud that no formula has ever crossed my dcs lips. i think it's awsome you just nurse on one side, most people just don't understand how the breast works.
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Not only did dd never have formula. She never had a bottle. Or a pacifier.

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Nope, never. My dd never even had a bottle. People don't understand that when adding solids you are doing just that...adding more food. You aren't taking away from your feedings, so there is not much of a chance of your supply dropping just because they start solids Your wonderful body makes as much as babe demands...trust me, I was nursing once an hour for 11 months and she was just fine, fat and content
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I really WISH I could say dd never had a bottle- that is an awesome, awesome accomplishment. Good for you guys!!!
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I have to pump at work. Ds is 8 mo, starting solids and my supply is actually starting to increase a little. So tell "everyone" to leave you alone. It sounds like you are doing a great job, especially feeding on just one side. Yay for you!!
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I am a WOHM and I never had to supplement (with the exception of a couple of weeks at the beginning, but it wasn't a NEED to supplement, it was bad advice on how to deal with tongue tie and slow weight gain).

If you are only feeding from one side, that one side will compenstate and make enough for your baby.
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Originally Posted by blueridgewoman View Post
I really WISH I could say dd never had a bottle- that is an awesome, awesome accomplishment. Good for you guys!!!
: I've had to use a bottle on occasion, so that pretty impressive. DD2 hasn't had a bottle, and hopefully it will stay that way
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No way. My DS will be 8 months old on Saturday and has never had one single drop of formula and never will if I can help it. And this is after two hospitalizations (including several days in the ICU) and battling low supply off and on for months. And he weighs 23 pounds.
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Mine is 17 months and she's never had any formula.

Formula is certainly not necessary for most people, not after a year, if the child and mother are both healthy, and in some cases, even when they are not. Formula is used for short and long-term health issues, when stored, pumped milk is not available (do you have any frozen?).

You could respond by telling them that you shouldn't need it as long as you both stay healthy.
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First of all, your baby is not OLD, secondly, if you can breastfeed your baby there are no reasons why supplement with formula. I totally agree with what another mommy said regarding people telling you these things so they feel better about THEM supplementing.

My mom was ALWAYS like that, saying that my baby was small because I was not feeding her enough and I needed to supplement, etc. Well, my baby nursed until 15 months when she was weaned for other reasons and she is just small because I am 5 feet tall and weight 94 pounds!

You are doing great. Don't worry about what other people say! (of course I know is hard) and by the way, my daughter is now almost 20 months and she doesn't even drink cow's milk, she just eats eggs, cheese, broccoli and other foods that have lots of calcium.

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