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Originally Posted by Shaina View Post
all i know is i have a bunch of stuff i wanted to list as free for shipping but knowone sees anything in the new TP.

we need to revolt. and make a club called bring back the old TP

we should all put it in our siggy's PLEASE BRING BACK THE OLD TP
Joining you in your revolt.
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I miss the old TP too. I rarely ever go and look at anything there and before I used to a lot. Please bring back the old format!!!
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I miss it too. The interest in my items listed is small compared to the old TP.
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Add me to the list! I used to buy and sell, but the new TP is such a mess that I won't even give it a try. There isn't enough for sale, it's confusing and there's no way in heck I'm paying to sell stuff that I can sell for free elsewhere when nobody's looking at it here. If I were paying and it was getting MORE attention, that would be fine. But I won't pay for LESS.

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I agree. The old tp was a really great resource for me, but this one pales in comparison.
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I really, really, really don't like it! I used to sell and buy a lot on the old TP but no more. Not only is it confusing to navigate, but there's hardly anything for sale! I've also responded to a few fs posts, but I never got a response from the seller.
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I think the free trading post should remain open for personal sales, and the new trading post should remain open for commercial sales (like WAHM mom wares, and stuff).

I listed a mei tai and it has only gotten 49 views in a whole month. I really feel that on the old trading post it would have been sold by now, or at least moms who weren't intending to shop would have seen it in the new posts and at least made offers. That was the beauty of the old trading post, it gathered traffic from people not intending to go shopping.

I don't like it. I have 1 credit remainig from when we were giving three and I don't intend to use it anytime soon. Which is a shame, we're clearing a ton of stuff out to move and I have a few other carriers to sell, but I think I'm going to try craigslist first. It's free and gets WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY more traffic.
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I really miss the Giving Forum. It had too many confusing subforums, but I think it should have just be put into 2 subforums: "I have..." and "I need..."
I liked being able to go through the lists of things that families needed and being able to send them out. Or listing things for free that I no longer needed. It was like a little mini holiday helper all year long.
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I miss the old one, too. I have listed a couple things on the new one, but only sold one thing and it took awhile. I never go check out the new one. It's like ebay and I don't like ebay. It's very impersonal.
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I appreciate the work that went into the new TP, believe me, but I really did like the old one better.

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I also used to buy a lot of things on the old TP, and browsed it a lot. I *really* do not like the new one!

~* Laura
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I miss the old one too
I've sold and bought a ton on the old TP.
The new TP really isn't inviting at all. I've browsed it several times and have even tried to sell some but it just... how can I put this politely...sucks
I dislike it for all the same reasons pp have mentioned.
Please bring the old TP back
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Add me to the list. I used to be a regular on the TP and since it has changed I think I've browsed a total of like, 4 times. Blah.
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I used to shop on the old TP, and was looking forward to again with the new LO coming. I did bid on one thing, but it took so long (21 days or something like that), and then I didn't win. I liked the quick turn around on the old TP.
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I am so glad I'm not the only one! I was skeptical about the new "improved" TP from the get-go, but I did give it a shot -- I have a bunch of things listed there now and only one got a nibble. ITA with the idea that the old TP was geared toward gatherers, and the new TP is geared toward hunters. It just seems like posts/offers get totally buried and never seen again, and I hate hate HATE that you can't bump, not even if you reduce your price or add to your ad.

Add me to the revolt please.
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Add me please!!! I used to love skimming through the "OLD" Tp there was always new stuff being added all the time. Now I never find anything I think when people have to pay to list they just rather go somewhere else where they can list for free.
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Originally Posted by Jennisee View Post
I definitely miss the old TP. I used to browse it every few days, but I rarely even bother visiting the new one.
Me too!! I used to go there every day...it's been months since I've bothered.
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i kind of like the new trading post, but i've found i visit there less often now. i think because it's not so easily available.
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I also prefer the old TP. I used to buy and sell and browse often. I've tried to like the new TP but it just doesn't work well for me--for buying or selling.

I agree with a lot of the other posters here---the old TP was much better!
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Add me to the list too. I loved the old trading post - bought and sold lots. Ihaven't even used my free credits for the new one. It just doesn't seem worth it. I looked for some diapers a few times, and got frustrated and gave up and went to a different site to find some instead.

Actually, I find myself on MDC in general a lot less now that there isn't a TP that I enjoy. I still read messages a lot, but I kind of skim my regular areas and go about my merry way. The TP used to keep me around more!

I'd much rather have to pay a small fee to be a user here and have the TP set up the old way than to pay the $.20 and use the new system.
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