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Hi! I am so psyched!! I just finished my first paper, and I will be finishing my Orientation work and workshop in just a few weeks!! It is quite exciting! I feel really good about it! I enrolled in December (hubby's gift... ), and I can still hardly believe that I really have the ball rolling! It took me over a year to decide which school, and to get enrolled... And, I get to attend my first Midwifery Conference in May, the annual ATM conference in Houston!! (I wanted to go to the Midwifery Today conference, but it wasn't meant to happen this year... maybe next year...?)

It is just so exciting to have this opportunity! Wow! I know this is just the beginning of all the work to come, but it really feels good! I just had to share... my family doesn't really understand how amazing this opportunity is to me, or how much it really means... so I didn't get to rave about it, or even really chat about it. Funny, birth is such a common thread between people, but only those who love it want to talk about it... all the time... adnauseum... :P

Thanks for listening...

The Lord bless you!
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