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Baby Boy is Here!!!

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Luckily, this baby held out until after I was well enough for labor...smart kid! He was born at home, in the water - into his father's hands, with his siblings looking on. He still does not have a name, but we will get to that soon enough. Labor lasted 15 hours and while not as short as I would have liked, it was a great, peaceful, laid back labor with contractions that were very doable. The pushing only lasted 12 mins, but it was certainly the most intense pushing phase I can recall. He is my biggest baby at 8 lbs 4 oz. Here is a link to some pics my photographer friend took and hopefully there will be more soon: http://www.mcwarrenphoto.blogspot.com/.

****He finally has a name: Roman Scott. Glad you are all enjoying the pics. I am so thrilled to have them!*****
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Congratulations mama! Welcome little baby! He is soooo cute!
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Congratulations! Those photos are wonderful!!!!!!
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congratulations! beautiful baby.. and beautiful pictures.
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He's adorable! Congratulations!!
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COngratulations! Those pictures are lovely! They made me all teary (I am SO ready to labor now)!
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Congratulations on a beautiful birth. You have a lovely family! Thanks for sharing.
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Congrats, sounds like a great labor!
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The pictures are absolutely beautiful! What a treasure!
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Man, those photos are ridiculously good! Congratulations on what looks like a lovely birth, and a lovely baby!
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congrats and welcome baby!!
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Congrats mama! Beautiful baby AND pictures...
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The pictures were fantastic! Thanks for sharing and congrats on an awesome labor and cute baby!
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