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Do you stop drinking alcohol when TTC and why??

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Just curious what everyone thought of this. I usually have 1-2 glasses of wine or beer a night. I have only had one glass of wine this week b/c I ovulated on Saturday but then a friend told me you don't have to stop drinking until implantation b/c that is when the embryo is exposed to your toxins. What do you all do?? What is your reasoning??
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Usually when I'm TTCing I eliminate all alcohol/caffene and any drugs. I take pre-natals usually for about three months prior, and b-6 (to help with my LP which is rather short).

Many are stored in your internal organs for months. So, honestly it is a good idea to eliminate what you can if you can.
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I'm not much of a drinker, so it's easy for me to 'abstain', but yes, I abstain when persuing conception. I do because I believe that everything we ingest has an effect on our bodies. Since I've been back on the conception train, I've had less than one glass of wine.

Just my belief.
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I don't. I'm in my 4th cycle ttc, and I think that making drastic lifestyle changes and then not getting pregnant can lead to a lot of bitterness about the situation. I tend to drink a lot more moderately now though. I do cut back on caffeine a bit during the 2ww since supposedly it can disrupt implantation.

I intend to continue enjoying a glass of wine every week or two throughout my pregnancy, so take my opinion for what it is...
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this question seems to come up routinely since i've been on these forums and i always give the same response

i usually drink wine with dinner (one or two small glasses), and i have one coffee and one green tea a day. i conceived my first 2 kids without even trying, and without changing my habits. i continued to drink my one coffee, but cut out alcohol completely during my pregnancies, both of which were easy, healthy & full-term (with healthy, normal-weight babies at the end).

now that i'm actively TTC for the first time ever, i've cut back a little on wine, but only in the 2WW. no change in my coffee/tea consumption.

my reasoning is that if these things didn't prevent me from conceiving (even too easily) the first two times, it won't be those that prevent it this time. both DH and i are older (DH is considerably older -- well into his 50s), so if the TTC doesn't work, that will probably be the reason. our attitude is that we're trying to enjoy the process, and i certainly don't want to cut out the few things that bring me great pleasure.

i have a very healthy lifestyle in terms of food, sleep & exercise, so i feel that i "compensate" in other ways. but i sincerely feel that coffee (which i drink black & unsweetened) and red wine also have health benefits...
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For me, it's not a big lifestyle change to cut either alcohol or caffeine, but I have been trying to be careful, especially post-O, and especially with the caffeine, just in case. Still, I'm not legalistic about it--if the situation arises that I really want it, or it would be socially appropriate or whatever, I'll have a small amount. Plus, I'm not cutting out my favorite source of caffeine, chocolate.
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I dont stop drinking. I have been TTC for over a year now and I did for a while there cut it out, but I became really bitter about living my life as a pregnant woman, with not of the rewards, (I became really obsessed). So now I drink from AF-till right before O (I'm not a big drinker, just a few glasses of wine or beer with dinner) Then I really try not to drink during the 2ww, but honestly like on V-day or our anniversary I'll make an exception, with one glass of wine.

I started today so as I type this I am sipping a glass of White Zin.
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I don't, i also don't drink much anyways.
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When I first started TTC, I stopped coffee and alcohol. It's a year plus and I'm back to drinking decaf lattes but not alcohol. We used to do wine tasting parties (and beer and tequila and rum, etc...) a LOT but things change so haven't really been drinking. I still cook with alcohol.

Other than that, I changed my diet so that I eat at home more instead of restaurants. And when I do go out, DH and I share everything so my calorie consumption has definately gone down. I take my prenatals and work out daily so atleast I'm getting myself healthy while TTC if nothing else.
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I still drink alcohol... I see nothing wrong in it in all honesty. Alcohol has been around forever and I can guarentee you that George Washington's mom probably drank while she was pregnant. That being said, if and when I do become PG, I will stop drinking completely. I agree with Aly, why live as if you ARE PG when you are not? It seems self-loathing and horrible, no way to destress the body and make you able to get PG in the first place. I think every person is different, but I see nothing wrong in it.
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ooooh I want to add--- the ONLY alcohol I drink is wine! No Hard Liquor or beer or anything, but that is just a personal choice. I feel that wine is the oldest beverage known to man. Bottoms up hahaha jk.
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I have cut out alcohol and caffeine completely, but for different reasons. I have heart palpitations, and my doctor told me to cut out these two things. However, IF I did not have that problem, I would probably just cut out alcohol after O (I didn't drink much, anyway), and as far as caffeine goes, I'd probably cut out everything but chocolate.

(Yeah, you read that right. I can't eat chocolate. It sucks, but what can you do? )
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I'm not TTC now, but when I was I never cut back on alcohol and usually have a beer every night or a glass of wine. I don't do caffeine at all. I conceived my first 3 without trying or changing anything, so I just live normally for me. I also think the chances of fetal alcohol syndrome are super low. Many other things worry me a lot more than that.
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I drank up until I got a BFP with both pregnancies. and I "drink." several nights a week, 2 or 3 drinks. but I quit as soon as I know.
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I stop all alcohol when we begin trying. The beginning stages of development are so crucial but I've got to say we started trying last month and I am dying for a glass of wine.
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I've been TTC for nearly a year now. Needless to say, I haven't given up alcohol for the past 11-ish months.
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I stop all alcohol and caffeine - we've been trying for 7 months so I've hardly had any of either. When AF comes I'll have some wine until we start trying again. I look at it from both perspectives - people have had wine and drank before knowing they were pregnant or drank a little during and had perfectly normal children. On the flip side, trying to do a controlled study on the effects of alcohol on a fetus are basically impossible to do and get accurate results. Taking both of those into consideration, I feel that the first many weeks are crucial to brain development and the like, and I don't want to take any chances that any amount of alcohol interfered with development. I see it as a factor that I can completely control and choose to not partake in a glass of wine or beer. With that being said, once I'm past the first trimester, I may feel more comfortable having a half of a glass once a month or so. I have found that since giving wine up while TTC that after a few months I don't really 'crave' any of it.
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I significantly reduced my intake of both in the months leading up to TTC (the first time we try will actually be next week). I went from 2-3 cups coffee/day to only one cup a Saturdays and Sundays. I went from maybe 1 beer/night (average) to one beer on the weekend. So I "treat" myself to a little of each at the end of the week.

Several reasons:

1. I will give them both up eventually (hopefully) and I didn't want to deal with caffeine withdrawl headaches (which were severe) on top of morning sickness and everything else.

2. I've read enough literature that suggests that both substances can negatively affect your fertility and chances of conceiving (I know, I know, lots of people get pregnant while drinking/doing drugs/whatever...but I don't have unlimited access to sperm, and want to optimize my chances). This makes sense to me...they have been proven to have negative impacts on human cells, cause disease, and have affects on hormones. While they are socially acceptable, they're still drugs. (Not saying I don't enjoy them both, but they are what they are.)

3. Obviously fetal alcohol syndrome is a concern, so I will not touch alcohol durring the pregnancy. Why take that chance for a drink or two?

4. Caffeine has been linked to higher miscarriage rates and other complications during pregnancy, so I won't touch that either during the pregnancy.

Honestly, now that the caffeine withdrawl is done with, I don't miss either that much. I'm having one last celebratory beer before our IUI next week, and then I'm done with both completetly.
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