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I fell :(

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Big TIME. I was going upstairs and just tripped on the stairs. I fell on one knee and grabbed my belly so I hit my head against the wall HARD. The baby had hiccups for the next 20 minutes. I didn't pass out or anything but let me tell you I am woooozy and my eye on the side where I hit now feels "lazy". I called the mw and she said if I didn't hit my belly I am fine, but it was scary.
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so sorry about your fall...sounds scary. i'm not sure i would totally agree with your mw's advice. i would agree if you didn't hit your belly that BABY is probably fine. YOU, on the other hand, did hit your head and are feeling woozy. i'd watch for any signs of concussions, try to stay awake and alert these next few hours, and get it checked out if you are concerned.
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Keep a close eye on baby's movements, too. Do some kick counts, and watch your panties to see what's coming out of you. I would be slightly concerned about abruption. Not hugely worried, but enough to keep an eye on things, you know?
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Oh, that's no fun. I agree though. Keep an eye out for a concussion and take it easy.
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Yikes! I'm sorry that happened. Hope you're feeling better. Take it easy and do pay attention to your symptoms.
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How scary! When I was about 37 weeks pg with G I fell in our laundry room - onto the floor on my right side. I was so scared that I had hurt the baby! Of course, I called our MW and paid very close attention to kick counts and overall movement. I went and had some juice and chocolate to get the babe moving, and that really helped me to feel better.

Take care!
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Yikes! I'm glad you're more or less ok! Take care of yourself!
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Oh! Take care of yourself and feel better!
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Oh no! Are you feeling any better??
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Thanks all - I am feeling a little better now. Unfortunately my husband was out of town for the day so I have been home alone. I wil be more comfortable sleeping once he is back JIC.
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Oh no! I'm sorry you fell. I hope you feel better ASAP. Go in and get checked out if you feel the need. Hang in there
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