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the surprise unassisted birth of baby v!

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It's a girl!!!!!!!!!!

vincenza theresa
19 1/2 inches
born 37 weeks 5 days

this l&d was fast & furious. on tues 3/11 i woke very early and could not get back to sleep. i got up about 4:30 and finished my taxes. 2 1/2 y/o ds and i left for a mw appt at 9 am. during the 40 min drive i was very uncomfortable having cramps and contractions, all very irregular. at the appt we decided not to do a vag exam since i was so uncomfortable, although i felt better once out of the car.

the ride home was the ride from hell. more cramps and contractions. i stopped and did a few errands anyway. i kept having to use the bathroom. i was supposed to work but cancelled saying i was uncomfortable, although i didn't cancel my late afternoon appt because i thought i might feel better after a nap.

ds and i slept for 2 hours. when i woke up i was still a little uncomfortable so i cancelled the last appt. i read to ds for a while, we had a snack, i rolled around on the birth ball for a while.

i decided to call dh at about 4 and suggest that he head home early. he works 2 hours away. i then called the mw and told her that felt like i did before having ds, very uncomfortable, crampy, and on the toilet a lot. i guess i wasn't very convincing because she just wanted to check in later.

i felt like laying down, so i put a dvd in for ds and laid down next to him.

then my water broke.

so i called the mw and she said she was on her way, then called my friend who was coming for ds and she headed over (she lives 1.5 hours away), called dh, he had missed the first ferry and was just boarding.

that was at 4:40.

i then made an effort to clean the bathroom. (lol)

suddenly my body began to push. i was sitting on the toilet. i made a conscious decision not to have the baby on the toilet!! I stood up and felt my perineum bulging. i somehow made my way to the next room (the birth room without a tub, it had not yet been delivered.)

i threw some pads on the floor, got my pants off, squatted down and delivered the baby. actually i was trying not to push and just let my uterus do all the work.

she was born at 5:15.

we just sat there and looked at each other for a few bewildered minutes. she started to cry and looked pink and healthy. so i managed to sit down and called ds in to meet his sister. he was very cute and helpful getting things for me. towels, baby blankets, nasal aspirator, bowl for placenta, orange juice, etc. the only thing he couldn't find was the phone. so i had to go get that to call dh. he was just driving off the boat.

i squatted over the bowl and delivered the placenta. then we sat and waited for the mw. that was a very long 45 minute wait.

but really we were doing just fine! we took some pics and tried to keep warm. ds answered the door for the mw and told her the baby was here. she said the whole scene was very peaceful and serene. she let ds cut the cord.

so now we have our little girl! she is very sleepy and mellow. she looks just like ds did as an infant, only much smaller and less feisty.

the icing on the cake is that my sister had a baby girl today. her edd was mon. our boys are 3 mo apart and the girls are 2 days apart!

here are some photos:



congrats to all the other new babies!! i haven't had a chance to read up, but i will soon.
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So wonderful! Congratulations! She's gorgeous. What an incredible birth.

Not in your DDC, *blush*... I couldn't read and not comment!
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What a fantastic story! Feel proud. Congratulations on your little girl!
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Awesome!! Congratulations--she's gorgeous (and your ds is adorable too). I have to admit that this is secretly my dream birth experience... Well done!
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OMGosh what a wonderful birth!
DDC crasher here to tell you CONGRATULATIONS!!!
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Not in your DDC but had to ay what a wonderfull stroy. My last birth was 2 hours and I have some fears about doing this one alone if it's really fast to. Your story inspires me that it's not such a big deal!
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Another DDC crasher here, over from June 2008.

I just want to say -- wow!! Way to go! This is a beautiful and moving story and makes you one the rare North Amerian women who can say she's given birth the way "most" women around the world give birth.

And the photos! What a gorgeous, pink baby.

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wow wow wow!
Big congratulations.
Sounds like everything is a significant drive from where you live (dh's 2 hour commute, mw 1.5 away etc.).

Welcome Baby Vincie!
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wow mama! That made me feel so much more comfortable that I can do it if I have another quick labor! Welcome baby vincie!
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Congratulations and what an awesome story!!! Welcome baby Vincie!!!
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Congrats, she's beautiful!
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wow!! What a birth Congrats
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wow girl. You are amazing. Sounds like a great experience.
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AAAh ! I just got chills! Awesome story mama! congrats

This is sooo making me want to *plan* a UC this time (my last was an unplanned UC too!)
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WOW!!!!!!!!!! What a wonderful story!!!!!!!!! congratulations, welcome Vincie!!
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Amazing!! Congratulations!!
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Wow! Way to go, mama! Welcome baby V. You have beautiful kids
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'nother crasher...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! That's so awesome! Made me mentally relive my daughters birth!! Middle of the night, but also less than an hour! WTG Mama!!
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DDC crasher here too.

Congratulations! And thank you so much for sharing your fantastic story! And, I love the name "Vincie".

What was your first birth like?
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