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we are having a hbac. i love my midwife who is my source of knowledge. whenever i have a question she has been wonderful. i also have a doula who is so warm and norturing that i know she will help me and support me. i am done with research and feel confident in my body to do what god intended for it to do . i know my past csection was from me allowing other people interfer with nature. i am so happy to see there are so many of us doing this. people seem so surprise when i say that i am going vbac. they are more concerned with me not going to the hospital. you couldn't pay me enough to go there unless i absolutely need to.
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I am going to have my second VBAC in May, this time an HBAC though. The last time was a perfect, completely med and intervention free natural birth in a hospital - and I should have stayed home for that one too.
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I am going to have a VBAC also. I am seeing a midwife who is very supportive but unfortunately she cannot deliver in the hospitals and that is the only place to have a baby here. The ob I meet with wants to schedule me a section because....baby will be big (first one 9.7lbs), he may not be there when I go into labor and the other obs are even more conservative than he is...
Anyway, I found a doula. I am going for acupuncture and she will start inducing me around 37 weeks (ok by mw)

I too will stay home as long as I can before entering the hospital.
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very encouraging VBAC slide show from ICAN. thought i would share, especially since i am expecting a big baby.
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Because of Stace's post I thought I'd bump this one again.

I was away for a while. In part because of some VBAC fears that I had to let go of and couldn't do it without unplugging for a bit.

How's everyone doing?
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I'm 37 weeks today, so I'm cleared for my HBAC.

Had a prenatal yesterday, I'm GBS negative, put on 2 pounds in 6 weeks for a grand total of 29 pounds. Midwife thinks that the baby is already almost 8 pounds. DD was 8 lbs 10 ozs. I'm going to start taking EPO gelcaps today and just relax more. I've been nesting really bad lately. The only not great news is that baby is posterior and very low. So the midwife is concerned that I'll have a long and tough labor. So I'm just watching my posture, seeing the chiro and getting on hands and knees.

Overall, I'm so excited and so at ease with this birth. What a difference a great provider can make! Even my DH is at total peace with this birth and really looking forward to it.
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Okay, I'm in!

So what is everyone doing to prepare? EPO? RRL tea?
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yippee cjsmommy!!

I will start EPO and RRL after I get through the GBS stuff next week
One thing at a time here.
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I'm planning an HBAC. I probably would have popped in earlier, but I mostly just think about this birth as a normal birth, and ignore the VBAC side of it a lot. I do get odd moments of self doubt, but I'm quite confident that I've made the best choices I can this time. I'm drinking a whole bunch of RRL tea.
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