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After my recent miscarriage, the second one in less than six months, I decided that I want a tattoo for my kids. I want two butterflies to represent my babies in heaven. I also want something to represent my one little guy too...and I want space to add a rainbow to the tattoo later should I be able to have another kiddo (a baby after loss is called a rainbow baby). 


Here's the deal though. Little dude's nickname is Bug...and there just aren't a whole lot of cute bugs out there (besides him, of course!!). I need some help to figure out either a cute bug to incorporate into my tattoo, or some other awesome way to incorporate something to represent him in with the two butterflies and hopefully eventually a rainbow!!

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I'm a really keen tattoo and pierced mama with four piercings in each ear, two nose rings and belly button which I have accumulated over a few years , got my first piercings at four years (ears). My son, who is 5 wanted his ears pierced just like mummy, so we took him down to the studio to get it done - didnt think they would but no problem. They look really cute on him, probably will have problems at school, but I'll cross that bridge and deal with the teachers if it happens!

Buidling up my tattoo collection, butterflies and designs on shoulder blades, lovely design on my lower back, and lots of ink on my legs and feet, mainly colourful flowers, stars, starting from my thighs and working down. I am pretty much a 100% barefooter so I really wanted to show off my barefeet and legs, especially in the summer - tattoos look fantastic when walking round in shorts and summer dresses.

Both ds's and dh love the tattoo's, eldest ds always has temporary tattoo's on, but gets upset when it washes off! Told him he had to wait a couple more years before we would get him a permanent one.

I find the tattoo's are an interesting talking point when out shopping etc, many people stare and smile, which is just fine by me! 

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Just a quick update, after my previous post. Having read all the postings about all you tattood mamas I went out got some more ink! Its so addictive! Got some more flowers and patterns on my left thigh and some more butterflies on my left foot. Also got my eyebrow pierced, to add to my collection.

My MIL is bloody angry with me, mainly for getting my ds ears pierced, so we have stand up arguements about this! Went to our lawyer the other day with my boyfriend, and went barefoot with a dress on, the lawyer loved the ink on my legs and feet! I felt abit embarrassed, in a nice kinda way, at all the attention! 

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Hey mamas,


Question for ya'll: I've had nipple rings for 10 years and am now pregnant. Obvously I am going to have to take them out to breastfeed but I am wondering if I should take them out before my due date? TIA

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Hey mamas,


Question for ya'll: I've had nipple rings for 10 years and am now pregnant. Obvously I am going to have to take them out to breastfeed but I am wondering if I should take them out before my due date? TIA

Crashing the tribe because I have just done this myself. =)


Some of the mamas here said they were able to BF with the piercings still in, but I'm too chicken to give that a try (first-time mama, I understand BF'ing can be quite uncomfy to start with, and I had one prior experience with an infected piercing that was excruciatingly painful... I just really do not want to try combining the two. I'd rather give myself the best possible chance to EBF!).


I said I'd keep mine in until they needed to come out. I put on two cup sizes, and my nipples got a lot bigger / more swollen very early in the pregnancy, such that the jewelry I had was really only barely big enough to be comfortable (and at times, depending on the amount of puffiness, could become uncomfortable; but that was always short-lived). I'm almost 39 weeks now, and I took them out last weekend. I probably could have kept them in up until delivery, but I was ready to let them go, and they were in a "good" cycle (sometimes they look perfect, sometimes they are weepy) so I wanted to take them out while they were least likely to be annoyed with me over it.


...I've had them for 9 years. My boobs look so weird without the jewelry, LOL!! ROTFLMAO.gif

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Crashing here looking for an answer wave.gif I really wangt to get my nose pierced but and a complete wuss.  Yes, I know, I can give birth naturally with no meds or interventions but freak at this.  Anyway.  I was wondering if anyone had numbed their nose first?  I want one in the outer side so I hear it is pretty easy to have done.

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Ive had my nose pierced twice, but didnt use numbing, the last time was the 5th time Ive been pierced and i take it as "yea! i can do it"


Its tricky because, they swab with alcohol right before the needle, Im not sure if a piercer would be ok with something topical, pop into your local shop and see if they're ok with numbing, they might even offer one


it's a fairly quick pain, and I found that the pain nearly goes away completely within 30mins, where something like my eyebrow or tongue was hours later 

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Can add the 6th time to being pierced now! Got my lip, on the bottom off to the side this week. and loving it !

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Am I the only one who thinks there should be A LOT more photos in this thread?? :)

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Originally Posted by LynLyn View Post

Am I the only one who thinks there should be A LOT more photos in this thread?? :)



no tatties for me, i have this one from the day I got my lip pierced and showed my LO. He kept poking it and thought photo op! 


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My biggest tat when it was fresh this past October. Don't have current, healed pics. Her face is lighter and more blended now and the eyes still look amazing. Trying to get in for my first touchup session. :) This one has a lot of meaning for me and was a custom design by my very talented tat artist, Gus Ballman.


My only other tat is a small one across my left wrist that says, "glosoli". It's a song by an Icelandic group called Sigur Ros. I have another tat planned, quoted, and ready but the artist I'm working with on that one is located in Hollywood so it may be awhile. It's an awesome 6x6 or so piece by my fav comic artist, Simon Bisley. It'll go on the outside of my left upper thigh. I have ideas for a very large back piece but that'll probably be quite awhile away. I want to get my other foot done, I have some ideas to go with my left foot. I feel a little odd about putting something on the right side of my body however, I feel compelled to put them on the left. I'm toying with the idea of getting a realistic looking bumble bee on in inside of upper my left forearm. That's the only one I've thought about doing in color so far.


I'm keeping future career in mind while beginning a collection. I want to be mindful of what can be comfortably covered when needed.


2 (2).jpg

1 (2).jpg




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thats a really nice one!


I find it hard to find a good portrait artist


The place where I was pierced has done beautiful tattoos, Im looking more into getting what I want


My idea is a rib wrap tattoo, so from hip to underarm, as a scrolly kind pattern but have my son's hospital band (med tape, blood on it and all) in the middle with his name on it that way


either the band by itself, a baby pic of him lying down with the band on, or just the top of his hand with it around his wrist




dont mean to bombard the thread with my face, but this one shows my piercings a bit better than the other lol just messier hair, thats all. I briefly had my eyebrow but it got rejected when i was 15 and i havent thought it get it again in case it is pushed out 


Still have my piercing jewellery in my lip, but aim to get a stud that matches my nose in soon 


But I am SOOO in love with my lip piercing, probably explains my look! look! posts blush.gif




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I haven't been on the forums in FOREVER, but I figured this was the place I wanted to pipe back up in, hehe  :)  


Right now I have 10 piercings in my ears, a nipple piercing, and a very... girly piercing.  In the past I've had piercings in my bellybutton, eyebrow, nose (which I pierced myself), lip, tongue... and I think that's it.  I'd love to have my nose pierced again, and possibly get my other nipple done.  It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, but I was definitely more fragile in that healing process than I was after giving birth  lol!


As for tattoos, I only just started about a year ago.  I have a cherry blossom tree on my shoulder blade (in purple instead of pink, just in case I were to have an allergic reaction... I have sensitive skin and it was a BIG tattoo), a sparrow above my elbow, a lotus on my shoulder, and the word "Imagine" on my wrist.  They all have intimate meanings for me, and I'm always wanting more.  Talk about addictive!  If anyone's interested in seeing pictures, I can dig some up  :)

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http://www.infoocean.info/avatar3.jpgI don't have any new ink.

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Have been meaning to post here - I have three tattoos, all black ink, that my son loves to trace with his fingers and kiss. smile.gif  His eyes get so big looking at them and he smiles like, "wow this is sooo cool!"  He also loves to poke his finger through my gauges.  Just have them at 0s now (used to be 00, but one lobe was torn when pierced, so when stretched that far it was so thin it was translucent - yikes! - also used to have my second piercing in my ears at 4s, but that was just too much clutter wink1.gif).


Have sooo many more tattoos planned out (including an amazing back piece) but all are on hold indefinitely due to 1.) financial situation of being a SAHM (lucky to make enough to get by doing this, definitely don't have tattoo money leftover!), and 2.) DH's STRONG objections to tattoos in general (I should have completed it before I met him, then it would be perfect!!! orngtongue.gif Hoping to wear him down on this over time...).

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Has anyone pierced themselves? Any good guides to self piercing? I have a kit with five needles and five captive beads and corks and sterilizing surgigel and hibicleanse. I am hoping to do my belly button, my ears, and my nose. I should just go to a shop but what's the fun in that...

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Do navel piercings and babywearing mix? I'm thinking the belt from a ssc or wrap would rub against it too much. Did anyone get a navel piercing and babywear for a lot of their day?


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My dd just walked in on me piercing my nostril. She said I have a big metal booger, I laughed and blood spurted out around the needle. I think it kind of scared her, but when I was done she asked if it was her turn now.
I really want to get my navel done now but I'm not sure if it will be a good mix with babywearing...
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Originally Posted by Alexis58 View Post

http://www.dingsme.info/avatar3.jpgi hope this is the right place to ask this question.


what question?

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I just got a new tattoo this week. I also just stopped taking my birth control this week because we going to start trying for a third soon.  Is it ok to get pregnant whenever after getting a tattoo?

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