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Charlie's Soap bad for boys?

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Can anybody tell me about this? I hadn't seen any of the warnings about Charlie's Soap causing bad rashes on boys until after I had been using it for a while. I was so entrenched in the idea that DS's blistery butt was caused by a systemic virus that I didn't even entertain the thought that it might be the detergent. But after 5 days in paper diapers, he is blister-free for the first time since mid-November.

So, what is it about Charlie's that causes problems? What can I use instead? I'm washing in an HE front-loader, and most of his dipes are flannel/PUL AIOs.
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Have you been washing other laundry with other detergents? One of the problems with Charlies and blisters is people were washing other laundry with other detergent and the chemical reaction of the buildup in the machine was causing the blisters.
You have to wash all your laundry with charlies.

But, that being said, some detergents just cause some kids rashes. There is no perfect detergent. Charlies works great for my girls. Tide caused my baby a bad rash. However, TideHE is supposed to work well with dipes and other laundry. Other recommended brands include Planet, Allen's Naturally, and Country Save.

try www.pinstripesandpolkadots.com and www.jilliansdrawers.com for good advice on kinds of detergent.
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Nope - all the laundry is done in Charlie's.
A friend suggested using 7th Gen Sensitive Care and Borax, so I'm going to give that a shot and see if it helps.

Does anyone know what it is about Charlies that makes boys in particular react worse? I found it very odd that I was hearing warnings of "Charlie's might not be good if you have a boy".
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no clue, sorry
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switching to charlie's


If you make the switch, you HAVE to wash the clothes of sensitive skin adults and babies several times to remove old detergent residues that are buried deep in the fibers. Washing in Charlie's once just brings these to the surface where they can cause itching and all sorts of things. The Charlie's is long gone but it just didn't finish getting rid of the detergent residues, and since it was focussed on that stuff, it didn't even touch the waste and bacteria associated with it...in otherwords, rash.

If you have any questions, PLEASE give us a call at the office.

Taylor from Charlie's
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I don't know about this soap vs other ones but I have noticed that ds' diapers are harder to get clean than dd's were. I've heard that boys' have more ammonia in their urine. It certainly smells that way to me. I have to hold my breath and turn my head away when I load the diapers because it nearly makes me pass out and burns my eyes.
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boys v girls

As far as Boys v. Girls, if the Charlie's hasn't finished getting rid of detergent residues and thus the rest of the bacteria and waste then when a boy urinates, his urethra is exposed and can touch the bacteria on the fabric. Girls tracts are covered with skin and not out there touching the cotton. Of course, I'm far from a doctor. This is just a thought.
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I don't think the "not finished getting rid of residues" thing is the problem. I've been using Charlie's since NOVEMBER, on all of our laundry. I went through a full gallon of the liquid in that time. And my boy has had a blistered butt the entire time - something that only cropped up periodically and healed itself in a decent amount of time before that.
As far as I knew, none of my family had sensitive skin! We were using cheap "Sun" detergent before I switched to Charlie's, and had no problems.
Also, my boy's urinary tract is also covered. He's got a nice foreskin on him
I've never been one to "sanitize" diapers with any sort of antibacterial or bleach - didn't do it before the switch, and I see no reason to start now, no matter what the Charlie's site says.
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mehndi mama- I'm wondering if you've found a new detergent that you like? I am new to CD and have been trying 4 different types for only a week. I had a BG OS 3.0 on my son last night and it leaked (it had two totally soaked pads). I washed the diaper on a normal warm/warm extra rinse cycle about 6 hours after he had warn it and it smelled like urine out of the washer. I have been using Ecos free and clear detergent (I got it at Whole Foods) and we have a HE washer. It was listed on one website as a three out of four but then I saw another website tonight that said avoid. I was planning on switching to Charlies but then I saw your post.

My concern is that I need a detergent that I can buy local and not have to order it. I do a zillion loads of laundry a day so I would rather not have to spend a fortune on special soap for all of my laundry.

What's up with my BG smelling after less than a week of wear? This is not normal right?? Doesn't this mean that the diapers aren't getting clean? There's something about washing cloth diapers that seem so complicated! I'm wondering if I should stay away from pocket diapers and go to fitted or pf to make it easier? Any insight would be very much appreciated!!
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