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A little humor....

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...and a slight dent in my self-esteem, perhaps.

This morning my 15 m/o DS (who is starting to learn names of body parts and recognize them lately) lifted his shirt and stuck out his tummy, gave it a nice pat and said, "Mama".

I have officially become one huge, round, stomach.

ALSO, on a completely different topic, I had a dream the other night that the baby was born, except he was shaped like a rectangle. Any insight into what *that* means???
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LOL! I had a weird bay dream last night too...we were going somewhere, already had the baby, and I was sitting up front with her on my lap...I told DH "the carseat is all strapped in, we should put her in it..." He said "NO! She doesn't like it! Just hold her low so noone sees!" Um, ok!
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I don't know, but I had a dream about having a quick and easy vaginal delivery. I sure hope so!
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