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Clothing/temperature control in a 6 month old, winter approaching

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The dust is settling from our move and we are all adjusting well to life in a new (small) city (Ellensburg, WA), and a new climate - high desert/shrub/steppe with cool crisp evenings and mornings in the 40s are already here.

So our little one is learning to crawl and since we practice Elimination Communication, often she is roaming diaperless on the living room floor - part of it is a rug covered with a liner, the rest is bare wood floor.

My dw seems a little concerned that dd's needs to be covered head to toe in layers of clothing so she won't be cold. My sense is that as long as her core (from waist up to her neck) is clothed, her little furnace will churn out plenty of heat to keep her warm.

I also base my intuition on dd's behavior, as long as she is cruising around, sappearing comfortable, then probably she is doing just fine.

Any thoughts on this?
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I don't think there's a standard rule on what a baby needs to keep warm. The best you can do is just feel her skin. Her feet and hands might be a bit cold, but her legs, tummy, and neck should all be a nice temperature (not too cool or too warm). If she does feel a bit too cool, I'd probably start with putting on socks or even some soft, flexible shoes. If that doesn't do enough, you could even just add a hat before you add pants.
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sorry, having to remove all posts with personal info due to an online stalker.
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I live in Iowa where the temps are consistently around zero much of the winter. One piece of advice, those hardwood floors are going to get darned cold in the winter. You may consider investing in some easy up sweatpants that dd can wear while crawling around, but that you can just slip down to let her "go." I don't know what the winters are like in WA, but let me tell you, there is a big difference between fall here, when it is in the 40's overnight but warms up a bit during the day, and when it is consistently cold and below freezing all the time. That's when you need the extra layers.

Have you posed this question in the elimination communication forum? You may get some good advice there.
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thank you all for your detailed and thoughtful replies. Good food for thought.
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We live in Quebec and have hardwood floors. Last winter dd amazed me by spending most of her time at home naked, with the exception of slippers. She did fine. If your baby's cold, you'll know it.
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