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A 2.00 bill would be cool...my dd has her first loose tooth so right now!
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Tooth fairy brings new $2 bills at our house
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Sacagawea Gold Coins

We have done the Sacajawea gold coins as well. DS loves the "gold coins" and does know that each one is worth $1. He's a saver, so they go right in his Piggy Bank after he's done oohing and aahing over their "goldness."

Lots of our friends have done shells, crystals, "jewels" (marbles) instead of money and their kiddos seem just as happy with those.
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Ooh, I like the idea of crystals.
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We did a $2 bill for the first tooth. Since then it has been between 1 and 2 dollars a tooth. A friend had a wiggly tooth at the same time and her mom and I chatted first. The girls thought it was so cool that the tooth fairy gave them each a $2 bill.

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We are going to do $5 for the 1st tooth lost, and $1 for the others. On another board a mama posted an idea for spraying the dollar bills with glitter so it's fairy dust..Thought that was a super cute idea!!
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Ummmm, the tooth fairy gives whatever she has in her pocket. DS lost his first tooth at 4 years and a couple of weeks. It never crossed my mind that 4year olds could lose tooth so I certainly wasn't armed with a Sacajawa dollar, glitter, or some crystals. All I had was a $10 bill so that's what he got -- I'm sure he went to preschool and talked about it too.

We did talk about the fact that the first tooth gets the most and not to expect more than a dollar the next time. He did get $20 when the dentist pulled 2 teeth -- but that was "pain and suffering" money!
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I used to get anywhere from 25 cents to $2 growing up. The last few were really disenchanting, I'd tell Mom I lost one, and she'd hand my money from her wallet. Really lost the magic in there somewhere - I simply felt entitled to money.

So, I swore I wouldn't do money with my kids. DH went to the local bead store, picked up some inexpensive chain, a clasp, some pins and mother-of-pearl beads. DD gets a bead for each tooth she loses. Total cost was $7 for startup and first two teeth (we kinda had to hurry because they were extracted during major surgery).
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we did $5 for the first (and a penny for little sister) because a friend at school got $5 for her first, but the tooth fairy wrote a note to let dd1 know that the rest would just be $1. We use the golden dollar coins, too, but ours are Thomas Jefferson 'cause that's who came out of the stamp machine at the P.O. I may have to make a run to the bank, though, because they're taking out the stamp machines around here and replacing them with the Automatic Packaging Center and I'm unclear if that thing has golden dollars or not. I still have a stash of about 4 or 5 in my sock drawer, though.
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We do the shiny dollar coins at our house. They are a big hit, I am loath to do much more than that the $2 bills sound neat though. Maybe I am just cheap, but I remember being terribly excited to get a dime, and estatic if I got a quarter.
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We also do the $1 bill sprinkled w/fairy dust (glitter). Sometimes the kids leave a note for the TF w/a question. That comes back answered & sprinkled w/fairy dust too.
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I'd give $1. No way would I give more than $5.
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Nice to hear all the ideas. Dd is 6.5 and finally has a loose tooth. She hates change and is excited and freaked out all at the same time. I found her a little tooth fairy doll that sits on a box to put her tooth in (I haven't given it to her yet). I just didn't know what to put in the tiny little box. I could fold up a $ or do a gold dollar, but I bet she'd love a charm or crystal. I'll have to do some quick looking around to see what I can do 20 times, lol. Or maybe I could do some charms and some gold dollars.
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I have no idea what we're going to do about this. Ds is 5 and b/c of work he's had done on his teeth, I think he might lose one in the next several months. This is one of those topics that I'm still wishy washy about b/c of the discrepancy between what different TFs give, kwim? I mean, how on earth would I explain why another kid would get $20 for a tooth?

I'm sure we'll do it but I hate that aspect of things.
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My ds' first teeth were extractions under GA so as part of the prep for that, we talked about what he thought the tooth fairy should do. He is the kind of kid that does not enjoy stuff like Santa unless he knows the true facts. So he knew I was the tooth fairy. He said he wanted a toy and he wanted to keep the tooth. So he got a couple of toys in the $10 each range for the two teeth. He knows there isn't much he can do with a dollar and has wisely stuck with wanting a toy for his subsequent teeth (2 more so far). For one, I gave him a video tape from a thrift store. I think he'll be more interested in getting money now that he gets an allowance and he can add it to his savings so he can pick out his own toy.
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$1 and a pack of Pokemon cards here.
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Originally Posted by Thalia the Muse View Post
Chiming in -- the tooth fairy leave one shiny gold Sacajawea dollar per tooth at our house. She even polishes them first.
Same here! She also left a nice bag for future teeth to be placed into and tucked safely under the pillow . . .
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We paid $10 for the first tooth and $5 for the second. I think I'll keep doing $5 for each tooth, and maybe $20 only for the very last baby tooth!
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One shiny golden dollar.

My son just lost his first tooth as well, so I went to the bank to get some golden dollar coins. I was thinking of giving 2 or three for his first tooth but he decided to save his first tooth (rather then put it under his pillow).

So I ended up giving him the three coins myself.

I plan to exchange his other fallen teeth for one dollar each in the future.
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we haven't lost any teeth here but i plan to do a sakajawea and a book both sprinkled with "fairy dust"
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