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Disana Tie Nappies

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Product name: Disana Tie Nappies

Brief description of product: These are one size organic cotton contour diapers that fasten with attached tie strings.

Store/Site of purchase: www.preciousdignity.com

Price: $5.95 each

How long have you used this product? a few weeks

Fit/Sizing: How well these diapers fit depends on how much attention you give to tying it well. They can fit very nicely. It's kind of an art form.

Performance: With a liner and/or doubler, these diapers are surprisingly absorbant after a few washings, plus they are so darn cute!

Quality: We've only had them a few weeks, but they're the first diaper I reach for when they're clean. Very soft, seems like they would be quite comfortable, and they seem like they will be durable, too.

Customer Service/Communication: They were very promptly shipped. I also communicated with Deanna by email and by phone (I'm kind of a high-needs customer ), and she was great!

Would you purchase this product again? I only bought 3 to try them out, and yes, I will be buying more.

Have you made a complaint to the WAHM or company about the product? If yes, please provide details of any resolution or lack thereof. n/a

Additional Comments: The other wonderful thing about these diapers is that they sooo appeal to the ecological pursit in me - og cotton ties means no synthetic materials in these diapers at all!

I give it (How many up out of five?):
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i also love these tie on diapers
i got mine from 2 different Uk online stores twinkle on the web (£1.65 each, i got 10)
and and kittykins (10 for £15)

they are fab, hold up reaslly well over night with a terry booster. they fit my 15lb 7 month old and my 28+ pound 2 yr old. only thing is htey can be a bit bulky but if you dont mind that (means mama can make lots of lovely longies/soakers for her) they are great.

so soft

i give em 4/5

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