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Hey everyone! Just saw the new board and wanted to come inside and start a thread.

I'm here and I'M NOT VACCINATING!!

whoop whoop!
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Very cool.
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I didn't even know this was here. WOOT WOOT!!!!!
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This is great!
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I am so excited to see a forum just for us non-vaxers! Woohoo!!!!!
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color me...surprised!

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Me neither!

Never have and never will.
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Oh wow! Very cool new forum.
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No way!!!! Awesome!
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Who woulda thought!! YAY MDC!!!
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: oink!
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I'm here too!

So far, 16 month old DS has not received any vaccinations, as I am still researching before we make any set decisions.
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Well well, how about this!

Hi everyone
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Yes....looky here!!

How nice!
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I'm not vaccinating!
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Sweet! Thank you for listening MDC!
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I think I am dreaming. Oh, I don't want to wake up...tell me this is really happening.


Thanks MDC! Now I love you once again.

We don't vaccinate. No one in our family does. We won't, we never would, under no circumstances, no way, nohow, nowhere, noway (oops, I think I said that twice).
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Yay!!!! :

We don't vax either - nice to see this new addition.
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