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Time for another craft swap! Mama style!

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I think most swappers have gotten caught up (I hope) and it's time for another swap You mamas have been busy getting the kids ready for school and dealing with lots of daily emergencies so this swap is for you! All swaps should be for MOM! (if you want to add something for kids that's between you and the swappee)

Ideas may include-health and beauty products, candles, stationary, accessories, jewelry, journals, artwork, you get the idea....
Materials limit roughtly $10 but you know how the game works ladies

Sign up for 1 or more swaps by end of day September 22 and assignments will be out no later than September 24.
All swaps should be mailed out by October 8.

Looking forward to another great swap!
(Please do not sign up until you are caught up with all previous swaps )
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I'd love to participate!! This will be my first swap!

I can make blankets (I have some purple and off white MM microfleece that I love. Or use some other prefered material.), jewelry - charm bracelets and earings or wine charms - to mark each person's wine glass. I can also make some mama cloth if that is wanted.

I am so excited!!!

*Edited to add that I can also make bath salts.
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I want to participate too. I have never done a craft swap either.

I can do homemade rubberstamped cards. I was thinking a variety pack so you have some for all occasions. I could also knit dish/face cloths. I can also rubberstamp on candels. I could make a maya style sling (maybe not just for the mama but they sure do make her life easier). I normally add a padded sholder.
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I'll take one this time
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I'd love to be a part of a mama swap! I have cloth menstrual pads, aromatherapy spray, salt scrub, herb infused oils for bath/massage and jam.

Can I have 3 swaps? THANK YOU! FUN FUN FUN!!!!
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Hopefully I'll have my other swaps out in time to sign up for this one.
My pnuemonia is gone and I'm just trying to get energy , then look out!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Glad things are looking up for you Chris! Hope you get your energy back soon-we can't have a swap without you!
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i'm another newbie who wants in. i make stuff w/beads. think i'll start w/one swap. cool!!
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I forgot to say how many. Duh!! I would like 2.
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i make beaded jewelry and some beaded household items like wine charms.

i'll sign up for 1 please, but don't match me with jessica/motherof pearls, 'cuz we're friends IRL.
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Oops...too much going on, I'm going to have to sit this one out
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Bumping up for last day to sign up...

come on, ya know ya wanna get a cool package in the mail
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Getting in at the last minute.

I'll take one or more swappees As many as you wanna give me

Chris (who finally just got my swap pkgs in the mail today)
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Swap is closed

I'll get names matched up on Tues and post Tues night or Wed.

Thanks mamas!
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I'm hitting a matching dilemna-still working on it though and showing someone else since I'm sure i'm not seeing a logical answer.
Will post on Wed.
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Swap assignments

Got it!! Yippee
Remember to PM your swapee for their address and any other info you may need. Swaps should be mailed by Oct 8 (or earlier is good too)

Your name>>>>your assignment(s)
Kerrie>> annr33

Majic Mama>> Kerrie, baileysmommy


baileysmommy>>annr33, rwikene

penguintrax>>majic mama


myrhhmiad>>majic mama, annr33, penguintrax

annr33>>myrhhmaid, baileysmommy, motherofpearls

I went over this many times so hopefully you're receiving as many swaps as your sending
If not, please let me know and we'll get it straightened out.

Happy swapping!!
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ok myrhhmaid, your swap is going out in tomorrow's mail. now that i've finished, i'm nervous!! hope you like them, lol!!
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Has anyone heard from baileysmommy???

I still need to get her address and likes to send her a pkg.
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she pm'd me a couple of days ago (maybe last week?) for my address saying that my swap was almost ready to mail out....so, she's still around
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Oh My! I got a ton of handmade cards from baileysmommy and they are incredible! Love them
Thanks so much for all the hard work and artistry you put into them! I can't wait to use them!!

PS Just a reminder that you should mail your swaps today or contact your mama so she knows when to expect it.
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