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Time for another craft swap! Mama style! - Page 2

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Oh My! I got a ton of handmade cards from baileysmommy and they are incredible! Love them
Thanks so much for all the hard work and artistry you put into them! I can't wait to use them!!

PS Just a reminder that you should mail your swaps today or contact your mama so she knows when to expect it.
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oops triple post-darn computer
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All my swaps sent yesterday! ENJOY MOMMAS!

Thanks motherofpearl I LOVE mine! Very Nice!
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Myrhhmaid~your swap will be going out tomorrow, it has to dry first
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Chris/MAJIC mama -

Your package went out today via Priority. LMK if you want the tracking number. Hope you like it!
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Ann - wanted to let you know that your package went out yesterday! I hope you like it!!
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All mine went today as well-baileysmommy, myrhmaid and ?who did I forget? Anyway, they all went out so you should have them by the weekend.
Happy Swaps
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I am still waiting to hear back from you about the swap. As soon as I hear back, I can have the pkg out within 24 hrs.


I pmed you
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Oh crud!

I haven't been on this forum for quite some time so missed this swap. When's the next one? I would love to get in on it. I loved the last one I did.

Sahara if you're out there, I'm looking forward to wearing the hat you gave me last year

Hahamommy~ How are the bags holding up?
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Oh Kerri-I'm speechless The blanket is awesome!! I thought it was going to be small-like a baby blanket for some reason so I was thrilled to see it so big-my son has not let go of it though so I may have to fight him for it I LOVE batik so that was also a great surprise-that's why I love these swaps!!
A million thanks!!

And Baileysmommy-I've already used 2 of the cards! They are the best.

All the best to everyone!
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Ann - I'm so glad that you like it! I hope you weren't too disapointed that the fleece wasn't purple. I just love the batik and am happy that you do too!!
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Baileysmommy~ those cards are so nice, someone is going to have to be *really* special to get one from me though :LOL I just want to keep them all and just look at them what a great swap!!!

thanks so much
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Thank you for the compliments. They were really fun to make for you mamas.
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OMG- Thank you Myrhhmaid

I wanted to thank you for the fantastic swap package - my office smells so good and I can't WAIT to try the goodies you sent.
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Originally posted by AnnR33
and ?who did I forget?

got mine today! love the soap & the sachet! dd claimed the bracelet, lol. thanks!
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Thanks Ann. I got mine too. I love them. The bracelet is beautiful. I love the soap and the sachet. They smell great.
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I'm so glad you liked everything-I love making the bracelets and still experimenting with beads and patterns but it takes me forever to get one done when the kids are around. When I see them coming I have to "secure" the area so beads don't go flying.

And the soaps are a new thing for me to make but it's very fun-you should all try it-so easy.

Myrhmaid-thanks so much for the great pgk-I love all the smells and the atomizer will get used a lot I think. The mama pads are much appreciated too! My DD already claimed the tye dye prefold for her baby

Thanks everyone!
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Majic Mama - THANK YOU!!!!!

Chris - thank you so much for the bag and fabric - how did you know that I have a 'thing' for bags??? I don't have anything like it! I got all excited thinking about what I could use it for! Hehehe! DD already claimed the fabric as a blanket and has requested that I make her a diaper cover with it. I'll be sure to show it off when I get the chance to make it! Thanks again!
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I got my package from myrrhmaid and as soon as I went to get it off the stoop, I could smell the lavender
There are so many wonderful goodies, I can't wait to try them.

Thanks SO much!!
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I got my package from thistle, some really lovely candles

thanks so much for the wonderful swap!
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