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Poll Results: How much juice do your kids drink a day?

  • 39% (149)
    No juice
  • 25% (97)
    Juice only occasionally throughout the week
  • 3% (13)
    Straight juice throughout the day
  • 7% (27)
    Diluted juice throughout the day
  • 23% (89)
    Juice (straight or diluted) only once or twice a day
375 Total Votes  
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I hardley ever give my kids juice,I'd rather they eat fresh fruit,and drink water.Seems healthier somehow..
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More water here than juice for sure. The order of what we drink would be #1 water, #2 soy milk, #3 juice once in awhile.
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We drink diluted juice(30%juice-70%water) actually 2-3 times per day. They don't ususally drink it all anyway. If ds(17mos) finishes his cup the next one will be water with just a drop of juice. We also buy apple juice with calcium, cause even though we buy enriched soy milk (and the kids don't get cow's milk at all) they don't always drink all of that either and dd usually only eats salad and will pick out any spinach or kale etc... When dd (3 1/2yrs) was about 1yo she had about 8 ear infections. That's when we cut out anything but VERY diluted juice(after the 2nd infection)--I think the sugar feeds the bacteria that causes the infection. And we've done the same w/ds--he's only had 2 ear infections. I also think dd's were because of her internal structure being small, cause she hasn't had any since she got over about 23lbs or so. Even when we go out I get juice and get them water and add juice only for color.
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I find it hard to get my DD to drink juice. I am trying to ween her and seeing as she won't drink milk, juice is my next choice of beverage. I get pasturised organic 100% with no added sugar and then dilute it 50/50.
I don't see any harm in juice as long as it isn't sweet and it isn't all the time.

We drink mostly water and when I get sick of plain water I have carbonated water (no sodium) DD seems to like the odd sip of that with Bubbles!

So I voted juice sometimes during the week

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argh! i hate juice.....both from a taste and a nutritional standpoint. let me correct that, though--i hate bottled juices. i adore my juicer and often make carrot-apple juice or carrot-celery. i think there is a TREMENDOUS difference between fresh juice and juice that has been sitting on the shelf for...well,who knows how long. juice is really a point of contention for me because at most of my friend's houses, juice is offered to my daughter. many of my friends, i suspect, think that juice is really healthy. imo, you can tell by the way that you feel that fresh juice from your juicer is worlds apart from the canned "junk".
sorry so passionate about juice (YUCK! )
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We rarely do juice, but if we do it's some bottled type of healthier juice. Oh, I do make smoothies with fresh oj, fruit and soymilk and/or a little yogurt and she sometimes drinks this. I'm on WIC and I never use my frozen juice allowance, I used to get it and my freezer just filled up with cans of the stuff.

Dd is 2.5 now and if we have juice I give her less than a cup and still sometimes dilute it. My dad has a little boy the same age and they come over once a week for brunch and he always asks for juice. I tell my dad to bring his own and it is always Ocean Spray or some such corn syrup flavored beverage, and he gets it straight, drinks a big glass in a few seconds and then asks for (and gets) more. He has been getting this stuff straight since way before I let Liv try any kind of juice at all. Liv loves water, Yay! I have friends who ask me how I get her to drink it, but I guess I never offered juice as an option. Makes it a lot simpler.
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A really great tea is Rooibus-it is from Africa, actually an herb, it has all the great properties of green tea, but no caffiene. They have it at most health food stores. One really good blend is called Capetown Harvest, it has passionflower and some other great things that make a bit fruity.
My dd is almost 5 and loves water, we have a water cooler in the kitchen and she can push the button herself to get it out, that may be another reason she likes it so much. I give it to her in her lunch and make sure we always have a bottle with us.
My mother in law, unfortunately always has her refrigerator stocked with juice boxes and offers them to her as soon as she walks in. I have told her our doctor says no juice if she has a cold or something, but she knows he is a naturopath, and for her that means no credibility! It is frustrating.:
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We do fresh squeezed juice during the week, although the daily amount varies. Somedays DS has more than others - depends on how he's feeling. We mostly drink water, teas, or seltzer.

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No juice ever. Breastfed babies don't even need to drink water. I give ds water when he asks "abua abua" and i offer him zips from my cup if i squeeze an orange or a grapefruit for me.
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I voted that our family all has one or two juices daily -- but it is freshly juiced juice - carrot/apple/beet/lemon/gingerroot -- you get the idea. Never bottled juice. never ever.

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We have organic apple, grape and carrot. They are available to the kids (and us). My kids are older (youngest is almost 8) so they know the limits.

We don't offer cow milk. But do have rice milk almond & oat milks. We are on a well so we have bottled water.

Most of the time for meals we have water with a lemon or lime slice. Or herb tea.
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Originally posted by scribblerkate
empty calorie intake for the juice,
Juice is not empty calories. It does have a lot of vitamins in it.
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I always think that juice is sugar, however I make a homemade juice for them, so I can control what's in it
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I refer to myself as the water police

When they first wake up, dd (age 3 & 1/2) drinks a cup of cow or soy milk. ds (2 & 1/2) has a cup of diluted calcium fortified OJ. The rest of the day they have water. If we go out to lunch or dinner they can have one of those mini juice boxes (100% Juice of course) or milk. If we are home and I think they've had enough water during the day they get a special treat of "ziz juice" for dinner. Ziz juice is half seltzer water half juice.
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