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How much is your housing per month? - Page 2

Poll Results: How much do you pay for housing (mortgage or rent) per month?

  • 2% (10)
    $200 or less
  • 2% (10)
  • 1% (8)
  • 3% (16)
  • 6% (30)
  • 8% (42)
  • 10% (49)
  • 6% (32)
  • 7% (34)
  • 24% (118)
  • 13% (64)
  • 8% (39)
  • 2% (12)
  • 1% (8)
  • 1% (6)
    $3500 or higher
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Ahh, too bad a poll is too small to add where you live!

I live in Michigan, pay about $530 per month for our house. It's a 1970 ranch, still needs updates, 1600 SF. It needed a TON of work when we first bought it, so that explains the low payments. We also refinanced when rates were low. This does not include insurance or taxes. We pay those separately. It's on about 1 acre. Definitely handyman's special. We paid someone to put a new roof on, and do the carpet in the living room, otherwise we've done the rest ourselves: vinyl siding, deck, remodelled 3 bathrooms, took down a lot of panelling, drywalled garage ceiling, new exterior doors, new cold air return ducts, central air. It's also got a new furnace and hot water heater and a water softener. It still needs a new kitchen and trim and finishing in the basement. Gosh it seems like we still have years worth of work to do here. It's hard to live inside a construction project. Dust everywhere! But, our mortgage is low, and someday we'll get our money back, if we hang on to it long enough.

I don't think we could sell it easily though, since we live in Michigan and the housing market here is horrible. There have been houses for sale on my road (good school district too) for literally years. One couple even took theirs off the market. You are lucky if it sells within a year, IMO.
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I have a 2000sf house on 5 acres that I bought (had built) 3 years ago for about $135,000. My mortgage is $900.30, that doesn't include insurance or taxes. It was recently appraised at a value of $279,900.
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We bought 750 sq feet with full basement and garage in manitoba, canada this September for $115,000. Have since unfinished basement, but completed some great renos on main floor which should add a lot of value (new flooring, paint in entire house, fixed venting, plumbing and entire new bath.

We're paying about $680 a month plus $113/month for taxes and about $400 a year for insurance.

We're hoping to get it appraised in the summer, and expect it to be closer to the $130-140,000 mark.
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Our mortgage payment is $1700, plus about another $300 for taxes and insurance. We're in Southern California, and we've gotten really lucky with real estate timing. We bought our 4 bed, 3 bath house a bit over 4 years ago for $360,000 and the estimate for its value 6 months ago (when we were looking at a home equity line of credit) was $680,000 (although it's likely significantly less than that right now). We bought as large as we could comfortably afford, knowing that the market was going to outpace our ability to upsize.
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I am about to sign a lease for a 2bd/2ba lower apartment. It is about 1000sqf in a quiet, low crime neighborhood. It is a bit pricey for the area at about $805, however, I get a discount to $732. The only utility that is included is trash.
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We rent a 825 sq ft apt. in Pittsburgh

Rent is 825/month, includes heat, water, sewer, gas, trash...we pay only for electric which avg 40/winter and 70-80/summer (AC). (That also includes 20/month dog rent).

We'd love to own, but move every 2-3 years, so, not practical for now.
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Ours just went up to 725 for our share of a two-family house. We have three bedrooms and a nice yard. Quiet street. It's a rare gem in CT, that's for sure.
The family downstairs is really nice, too, and they have a baby about the same age as ours.
We're planning to stay here for quite a while, until I can finish nursing school and we can pay off my student loans. The landlord told us that he wouldn't raise the rent for as long as we stay here. He's kind of slow about fixing things, but overall it's a pretty good situation.
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Wow, location ,location must be the reason for some prices. We just purchased a repo for $56,000 we will put in about another 6,000 in repairs. We have a total of 2600sq foot of living space. Only 1 bathroom, 3 bedrooms, no garage, 1.75 acres and our taxes, mortgage and insurance is $567 a month.
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$700 a month for our ~700sq. ft. 2 br crappy, crappy apartment in a bad neighborhood.
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$1250 for our mobile home.

750 mortgage and 500 space rental.

We bought for 115,000 about 5 years ago.
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We pay 900$ / month for a 1250sq ft, 3 bdrm,2ba apartment in a college town.
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We pay $825 for our house; a new cabin on 5 acres. We bought it for 178,500 last appriased at 200,000
That's why all the N.E.'s like my self are moving down here. Yes, your in the country, but it so cheap!
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We pay $988 a month (without property tax) on Vancouver Island, BC Canada.. We bought 4 years ago for $240 000 and it could now sell in a week or so for $380 000. Stuff is still selling like crazy here! We are thinking about selling, we have alot in equity in this place so could buy somewhere else for cash maybe?? Sounds like the market in the states has really crashed , we think we will be next!
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$523 a month on a $65,000 On 3.5 acres, 20yr mortgage (Built in 98). We live in TN.
Apprases now for $89,000.
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685 a month for a 3b1ba apartment. Not a great neighborhood but not as bad as it could be in this city. I want to move out into the country.
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Our rent is $975 and that's a bargain for what we have!
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We rent in Chicago for $850 a month. Water and heat included
We got lucky. Our apartment could easily have been rented out for much more giving location and size.
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My rent is $730 a month. It's just outside of Tampa, FL. It's a 1 bedroom with about 704 sq.ft. It's in a gated community that was built in 2000. It includes 2 pools, a gym, movie theater, club house, and grilling/barbecue area, as well as a car wash, playground, tennis courts and a basketball court. I love the place. I moved here from a little further south in January. I was paying @$825 for a run-down condo rental with 2 bedrooms, a one car garage and a community pool. I wasn't using one of the bedrooms because my son had moved out. I think I got a great deal!
I have to pay for my water, sewer and trash (these 3 cost about $50 a month) as well as my utilities which are just electric if you don't count cable/internet/phone. The cost of electric is about $60 a month which is 1/2 what it was at the other place. Works for me!
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Right now, we pay $900 for our house in Spokane, WA. The house was only 100,000 when we bought it, but we have a loan that will be paid off in 20 years, so it's a higher payment.

We're moving to the Seattle area (Redmond or Bellevue), and rent for an apartment is going to be about $1800 - $2000. Ugh!
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$1295 for a three bedroom/two bath apartment in San Diego. That's actually a "good" deal. We don't have washer/dryer hook ups or a built in dishwasher (though we have our own portables) and we pay all our own utilities, except for water. We're in a small 4 apartment complex. No yard, but a large patio. The bedrooms are pretty big. i have no idea about square footage - maybe 900?
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