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How much is your housing per month? - Page 3

Poll Results: How much do you pay for housing (mortgage or rent) per month?

  • 2% (10)
    $200 or less
  • 2% (10)
  • 1% (8)
  • 3% (16)
  • 6% (30)
  • 8% (42)
  • 10% (49)
  • 6% (32)
  • 7% (34)
  • 24% (118)
  • 13% (64)
  • 8% (39)
  • 2% (12)
  • 1% (8)
  • 1% (6)
    $3500 or higher
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No mortgage but we budget between 900-1000/moth for utilities, taxes and our 'home repair' fund... we usually dont get close to those numbers but if an appliance should break or something needs fixed we have the $$ put aside.

Bills as follows
Water 75/month
Electric 100 winter 250 summer
Phone 50
Dtv 75
Cell 75
Internet 45
Gas 25
Yard Maint. 100/month

Totals approx 550-700/month.
I do alot of laundry and dishes along with showers so the water is a bit higher then normal. Summer is april-october here.
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We pay $1020 per month for our mortgage. We live just across Puget Sound from Seattle. That includes our escrow payment and even a little bit extra for principal. It's 1850sq ft, 3bed, 2bath on 2 acres. Of course, for the Seattle area, where we are is dirt cheap compared to most other suburbs.

We bought our house in 2002 for $195,000 and it would appraise today easily for well over $300,000. We bought at a good time, refinanced (at 5% fixed!!) at an even better time, and just got lucky with good property. The house was crapola when we bought it and we put about $80,000 into a major remodel, which I'm sure would account for some of the value of it today.
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Our rent is $1320 (Australian dollars obviously) which is actually very cheap for our area of Sydney. If we moved now we would pay at least $100 a week more for the same number of bedrooms. The market here is ludicrous
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We pay zero! Yay!!

We bought a house outside of DC 10 yrs. ago, before the market started going up, and sold 2 yrs. ago just before it went down.

We used some of the profit to buy a house in a country village outright. 3200 sq. ft. for $171,000.

Now we're watching this house appreciate and our village start to revitalize based on some surrounding growth.
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We rent a three bedroom, three level townhouse with a garage and small backyard for $850/month, utilities extra. I think this is about average for our area in southern Ontario.
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our payment is $542, but that is with a 15 year payoff. This amount also includes our taxes and house insurance- which adds about 100. I think our original 20 yr payment without the escrow is 365
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In midwestern suburbs, we pay $675 for our mortgage, including insurance and taxes. I bought this house over a decade ago when I was single. I absolutely abhor subdivisions and cookie-cutter houses, so it took me about 2 years to find a unique house with a bit of land. It's a stone English farmhouse that we have remodeled to add space for my mother, so we have about 1800 sq. ft. now with 4 bedrooms, 2 bath, (not including the finished basement family room) on 1 acre of land. Built in 1939, it's one of the oldest homes in our area and I was *really* sold on it when I saw that it was built with real 2X6 beams instead of flimsy 2Xnot-quite4 beams. I almost sold it to buy a bigger home when we got married and doubled our income, but I love this house so much, we decided that we would work with what we have. It's the first house I've bought and unless something major happens in our lives, it will likely be the we home keep for the rest of our lives. I just love it!

ETA: It hasn't really appreciated much since I bought it because the city I live in is blooming with subdivisions and those are appreciating much faster than homes in old-fashioned, real neighborhoods. I knew this would happen when I bought the house, but then again, I didn't buy my house as an investment. My area is growing quickly, but these old neighborhoods need a renaissance before our property values increase significantly.
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Our mortgage is $3900/month to live in a suburb of a ski-resort town. This is for a small home in the community too. We moved here so my husband could avoid the 3 hour round trip commute he was making from our $1200/month house. We are still trying to figure out if it was worth it...
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We pay $660 with taxes and insurance. Our house is about 1200 sf, 3 bdrm, 2 bath.
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If I include mortgage, property taxes and utilities it's over $900/month. Yikes.
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taxes and ins included $754 SE 1500 sqft 3/2.
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I'm feeling um, blessed right now. We pay $400 for 4BR, 2story, nice yard (and garden!) in a nice neighborhood. The only problem I have is the spiders. No utilities included though (even so, they aren't so bad).
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We pay $1350 for a 3-bedroom apt. outside Boston; doesn't include heat, hot water, or electricity, but has a spectacular ocean view from two bedrooms & is a 2-minute walk to the water.
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Dang. We pay $1440 on a 3 BR 1 1/2 bath ini a nice neighborhood.

After seeing some of these low rents and mortgages, I now know why I am feeling so broke!
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If we didn't have sec. 8 we would be paying about $1390 in rent/water bill. We live in a Seattle suburb in relatively nice 2bed/2ba, but it's cheap compared to the other prices I see around here.
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Rural New England small two bedroom house with garage on three acres of land. Mortgage is $733/month (includes all taxes. insurances etc.).
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We pay just under 1000 per month for a one bed, one bath apartment, no utilities included. We hope to be moving into a three bed/ two bath house with a basement for about 650/month, not including taxes or insurance, in a few weeks.
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We pay $1025 a month in rent for a 2500 square foot 3 bedroom, 2 bath attached duplex with a family room and a one car garage. It's about market rate for our area; we were thinking of downsizing to a 2 bedroom apartment, but we'd only save about $100 a month and what we'd lose (chest freezer, laundry for CDing, back yard, enormous and lovely deck, and a great walkable community) doesn't come close to making it worth it.
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our payment is about $850 - $900 (I haven't looked in a while. . . I know it has gone down twice due to a reduction in taxes and our down payment loan being paid off.). We are currently getting $550 in rent though off our other side which makes our actual payment somewhere between $300 and $450 (of course it costs us a fortune in repairs every time someone moves out). It is a three bedroom one bath, full basement and attic. it is a duplex but we own both sides. its in a not so desirable neighborhood but I like it .
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Roughly 2000 including PITI and maintanance. But we have a 15 year note, and live in relatively cheap Texas.
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